The Realms / Queen of Hearts


Every year in Rhiassa, the Realms nation hosts the Queen of Hearts Tournament.  This year there were two teams vying for the coveted title of "Queen of Hearts."  East Blackwood made the journey across the great seas from Mythodea to visit the Kingdom of Blackwood on their way to support Sir Sean of the Realms Embassy at Mondus/Bicolline.  While in the Realms, East Blackwood joined Team Elizah to support Blackwood.

While attending the 28th annual Queen of Hearts Tournament, East Blackwood participated in several field battle events. During a sequence of battles, the final large battle of the day found Team Elizah inside a fortress. The tournament battle lasted nearly 3 hours being called a draw in the end by the Marshalls of the event when neither side broke.

Queen of Hearts XXVIII Results (Reported by View from Valehaven)

Below are the results from the 28th Queen of Hearts Tournaments and War Maneuvers presented by Rhiassa.
War Maneuvers
  • Kill the Queen - Team Elizah
  • Field Battle - Team Kindrianna
  • Antonine Wall - Tie between Team Elizah and Team Kindrianna
  • Bridge Battle - Team Kindrianna
  • Castle Battle - Tie between Team Elizah and Team Kindrianna
  • Targetball - Team Kindrianna
  • Live Chess - Team Kindrianna
  • Grand Teamwork - Team Kindrianna
  • Rock Assault - Team Elizah
  • Challenge Race - Team Elizah
  • Hadrian's Wall - Team Kindrianna
  • Squad Grand Melee - Team Kindrianna
  • Ten Person Field Battle - Team Kindrianna
  • Ten Person Bridge Battle - Team Kindrianna
  • Ten Person Castle Battle - Team Kindrianna
  • Ten Person Folkestone Challenge - Team Kindrianna
  • Queen's War - Team Kindrianna
Individual Combat Tournaments
  • Open Fighter - Wrath from Team Kindrianna
  • Closed Fighter - Shader from Team Elizah
  • Mixed Pair - Saegan and Shader from Team Elizah
  • One Path - Kaelkatar from Team Elizah
  • Two Path - Bogen from Team Elizah
  • Three Path - Avendar from Team Kindrianna
  • Boff Archery - Raynor from Team Elizah
  • Duncan's Challenge - Wrath from Team Kindrianna
  • Spirit & Steel - Aelias and Shandar from Team Kindrianna
  • Knight & Squire - Wrath and Shandar from Team Kindrianna
Weapons Styles Showcase
  • Single Short Individual - Aelias from Team Kindrianna
  • Single Short Squad - Lunaris, Daekara, and Elwin from Team Kindrianna
  • Florentine Individual - Wrath from Team Kindrianna
  • Florentine Squad - Jericho, Drike, and Shandar from Team Kindrianna
  • Sword and Shield Individual - Shandar from Team Kindrianna
  • Sword and Shield Squad - Eamon, Temorse, and Orion from Team Elizah
  • Hand and a Half Individual - Drike from Team Kindrianna
  • Hand and a Half Squad - Vuel, Aelias, and Jack of Redwall from Team Kindrianna
Non Combat and Crafting Tournaments
  • Marksman - Lochlan from Team Kindrianna
  • Athlete - Vesper from Team Elizah
  • Gambler - Avendar from Team Kindrianna
  • Strategist - Kara from Team Elizah
  • Loremaster - Laika from Team Kindrianna
  • Scavenger - Sabine from Team Elizah
  • Newbie - Alric from Team Elizah
  • Banner & Heraldry - Hygar and Stewhart from Team Kindrianna
  • Foamsmith - Tulkhan from Team Kindrianna
  • Armourer - Hygar and Stewhart from Team Kindrianna
  • Garb - Mel from Team Elizah
  • Trapper - Hygar and Stewhart from Team Kindrianna
  • Performance - Team Kindrianna
  • Cleaved - Hedda and Eamon from Team Elizah
  • Team Kindrianna's Spirit - Merrix
  • Team Kindrianna's Tactician - Avendar
  • Team Kindrianna's MVP - Shandar
  • Team Elizah's Spirit - Ryu
  • Team Elizah's Tactician - Temorse
  • Team Elizah's MVP - Saegan and Killian
  • Team Pageantry - Team Kindrianna
  • Team Camaraderie - Team Elizah
  • Team Spirit - Team Elizah
  • Best Provost - Liselle from Team Kindrianna
  • Best Senechal - Evie from Team Kindrianna
  • Best General - Kiira from Team Kindrianna
  • Ace of Spades - Vesper from Team Elizah
  • Ace of Hearts - Griffin from Team Elizah
  • Ace of Diamonds - Stewhart from Team Kindrianna
  • Ace of Clubs - Jericho from Team Kindrianna

And the Twenty-eighth Queen of Hearts title was bestowed upon
Queen Kindrianna of Voraniss