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Every year the Nation of Rhiassa hosts its yearly Feast of Leviathan. Kingdoms, Duchies, Baronies and other lands from around The Realms gather at a small Rhiassan fishing villiage for the Feast of Leviathan. Individual nations also host special events among themselves during this gathering, the Kingdom of Blackwood included among them. This article focuses on two important Sworn Citizens of the Kingdom of Blackwood and what they achieved there and plan to do in the future.

At the Feast of Leviathan in Rhiassa,
Trials and Tournaments were held to determine a new Champion of Blackwood, and a New High Mage.
They were asked to introduce themselves in their own words, as well as what they hope to achieve this year in their new positions.

Letter from the New Champion of the Kingdom of Blackwood

To the many powers of Mythodea,

I have been tasked to draft this formal writ introduction to all those who may do business with those employed under my newly acquired position and purview. This offer of introduction stands as a statement of my ideals in an attempt to forgo any misunderstandings as to the expectations I hold for the masses which fall beneath my jurisdiction.

I, Sir Vesper of Blackwood, have sworn to my King and Countrymen to serve as an example of skill and stalwart defense to all those who wear our crest. I beseech all to heed these statements with grave sobriety as I seek now to formally notify all who believe they may interfere with the people, interests, or equity of the Kingdom of Blackwood. I pride myself as a peerless master of both martial and mystical prowess who holds those under him to the same standards of excellence. I seek no glory upon my battle and no honor to my tactics, yet make no error both hold ample efficiency. I implore you to comprehend that no legends nor myth shall be told of another unremarkable stain upon the blades of Blackwood.

I mean you no offense with these statements and wish to apologize for any you may find within these words. I find myself sufficiently lacking in the formal courtly manners of knighthood. Consider that any Courtesy which is gifted to those who fall under my banner will be met equally in kind. Any wealth found in partnership with us shall be prorated justly. Any and all transgressions upon us shall be returned ferociously. Those in East Blackwood now work and act within my name and faculty. I beg any who read these words to fathom the consequences they now face should they stand against our interests.

I have been informed by Lady Sayeh and Sir Dagger that the lands of Mythodea are full of many righteous heroes, potent mages, and noble warriors who may seek glory and honor. To those who seek such eminence I implore you to work alongside my kin. Lastly, I pray that when I arrive in your lands finally that it shall not be for your final journey.

Cordially yours,

SirVesperKnight of Blackwood

Champion of Blackwood

Former High Mage of Blackwood

Letter from the New High Mage of the Kingdom of Blackwood

Hello, my name is Liana Lae'lae'an,

Hello, my name is Liana Lae'lae'an,

I am Khae Ossrim, of the House of Flame; 'Fire good,' as I say frequently.   I was made a [Sworn Citizen] of Blackwood in September at the Feast of Blackwood. Prince Saegan invited me to call Blackwood my home - as I have been without family for many years now - and I accepted. Recently, at the Feast of Leviathan, I won the title of High Mage of Blackwood.  I am honored and curious and a little terrified. What if I am not helpful enough to Blackwood?

There is a schism within Domai, another plane of existence which currently has no separation from part of Blackwood, and that is concerning, interesting and very possibly incredibly hazardous to Blackwood and the Realms at large.  I have met many of their people and as with most wars this seems to have started with the great heads of the houses of that land, and trickled down to the very villagers of each house. Hopefully a solution can be reached, and their realm sealed up again.

I am currently looking into the forest in Shadowdragon which is of fire - the trees and creatures are not on fire, they are made of fire. There are a few villages that have curiosities happening as well throughout Blackwood, and others are looking at those. There are pending events where I hope to use my new title to advance the wishes of Blackwood when interacting with other people devoted to some of the deities who do not always see eye to eye with Blackwood.

I might also look into who has the bounty out on two members of Invictus, another nation of the realm, for a combined price of 3k gold. That much shiny could invite temptation, and success could cause a war.
My best to family across the sea, if you have need of me, just reach out.
Even the great sea - with all that water - would not stop me if the need were great.

Ever faithfully,
Liana of Blackwood
High Mage

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