The Realms / Feast Of Verai 2: Festival of Cerwyden by Sir Shean


"The Kingdom of New Verai was dissolved in 995, shortly after the introduction of the worship of the god Arioch, by New Verai's steward, Baron Cinnabar of the Borderlands. All vassals of New Verai were released of their oaths to Verai, and permitted to take the lands that they governed with them. Only New Verai itself, and the lands of Doomghaurd remained under the direct control of the royal d'Verai family." - The Library of CrestGrath -

In recent years, Nertail arrived in the Realms heralding a new age for the lands of New Verai as the new Steward of Verai.  Last year marked the first Feast of Verai since the arrival of the new Steward.  - The Ambassador

Diplomacy and Trade with New Verai

Upon arrival and setting up of the Creathorne table, Sir Shean was approached by some of the hierarchy of New Verai who thanked Creathorne for sending Grain and sundried fish to accommodate their struggling economy in Verai now that All Slaves are free. The lord of Creathorne was very instrumental in negotiations with Verai  over the abolition of slavery.  The result was a change in the traditions, of this part, of New Verai who formally owned slaves. 

In later discussions with the Stuart of New Verai, It was agreed that The lands of Creathorne would be sending more grain and fish in the next few weeks enough to carry New Verai into the end of the summer season. Sir Shean had received news that the fish drying had been being done on the Beaches of the Creathorne Casino Resort and Spa which was causing issues with the Casino’s paying customers... That process has been moved to other beaches so it does not bother the casino and resort operations. 

The Feast

It is tradition that during the Festival of Cerwyden those with any titles act as servants for part of the day. Most of the lords, knights etc. of the Realms participated but some of the regal New Verai aristocrats noticed that some very high standing Realms dignitaries would not even serve utensils... 


Later that day a gladiatorial pit fighting tournament took place. Sir Rillan was the last man standing and was awarded land and livestock in the lands of New Verai. In a grand Knightly gesture, Sir Rillan declined his reward and passed his prize along to another fighter of the arena, Leon.