The Realms / Feast of Laviathan XXII


A New Year and a New Knight of the Realms.  Often the concept of knighthood in the Realms seems lost, and some have formulated opinions on how or what it is, or what it might mean to them.

In Mythodea, the is a high regard for the knights of the orders, there is a show of respect, a sense of duty, and while in the Realms the knighthoods are different... there is still a celebration of honor and recognition.

The Feast of Leviathan is held at the start of each year, it brings with it the winter snow and this year, no surprise snow did fall on the farms of Rhiassa. There was sport and a few tournaments for those wishing to show off their skills, and food. In attendance, both Kings of Chimeron and Blackwood came amongst the other Lords and their lands.

The snow storm brought with it a blanket that covered the brown dead fields of grass, and with it a sense that as the days would soon be getting longer; a rebirth of the land soon to come in spring.

This time is also when the past deeds and marks of honor are honored, and many were elevated; The Order of the Magi recognized five new members of it's order, torches were passed and duties given to new Knight commanders, and even Blackwood itself knighted Sir Kara from squire to Knight of Blackwood.

Yet there are some Orders held in high regard, these two orders call the attention of everyone in the Realms.

The Knights of the Eternal Flame, and the Knights of the Realms. These two orders recognize those whom have bettered the community, done service to rebuild it and give it new life; like the snow that blankets the earth to help it bloom again in spring, these knights wear belts of white to show their purity of heart and their noble deeds.

To be brought before a court when these two orders gather, commands attention and silence by everyone. For to become one, your contributions in battle and in the whole of the Realms is recognized.

The Knights of the Eternal Flame recognized and honored Loken of the Northern Alliance and Rubis of Folkstone, who not only gave their service to feed, rebuild, and share their wisdom with the land, but also a sense of duty. These men of vision forged a future for the Realms and its people.

The Knights of the Realms then also called for Sir Gwen of Rhiassa, whom has shown her love and devotion to the realms by filling its empty bellies in the coldest winters and for her leadership in the lands of Rhiassa in this new age.

They have given their time, blood, sweat, and hearts to give the Realms a future, and they were honored that night as the wind and snow encircled us. Winters come and they go, but with it comes rebirth. Such is knighthood; we are reborn and bound in our honor.