The Realms / Feast of Blackwood

At the start of autumn, Realms Common Year 1019, Lady Jinx of Uffern was bound in holy matrimony, with the blessing of Edeone, to King Kerrel Kal'Amar Forester of Blackwood.

The ceremony took place in an amphitheater within the forests of Erowan. Lords, ladies, nobles, soldiers and merchants gathered to witness the union of Kerrel and Jinx and the crowning of a queen. Notable attendees to the ceremony were Lord Sir Shandar of Invictus, the strongest nation in the Realms, Lord Sir Malaki of Folkstone, Lord Sir Syruss of Neden, Lord Sir Elwin O'Bearikin of Stonewood, and, Warlord Cronin Barbaria of Voranis. Noticeably absent were the kings of Chimeron and Voranis. 

The Wedding Ceremony

 Duke Sir Tao Kang of Clontarf presided over the nuptials. He read from the Book of Blackwood as the king and queen to be stood side by side waiting for permission to seal their union with a kiss. Some of those in attendance wept, notably Lord Sir Syruss of Neden. As the marriage of the king to the new queen was concluded the two embraced one another. The prince of Blackwood, Sir Seagen, then stepped forward and crowned Lady Jinx with Prince Nigel's crown ceremoniously, the same crown he was crowned prince in.

Picture by Dustin Mack

Crowning of Queen Jinx

As the new queen of Blackwood was joined to her king, Lady Jinx was crowned ceremoniously with Prince Nigel's crown with Regent Matiya of Folkstone as her attendant at the conclusion of her wedding.  At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, the King and Queen of Blackwood with their attendants left the amphitheater and walked to the great hall. A procession of lords, ladies, dignitaries, and other guests followed behind the royal family. Once inside the hall, the royal family and their attendants took their seats at the high table.

A large wooden box with a peacock painted on either end was then carried out before the high table. Prince Seagen requested that Queen Jinx step forward to receive her new crown. The box was opened to reveal a fine headpiece suited for royalty. The two crowns were exchanged between Prince and Queen and Prince Nigel's crown was returned to the box. Queen Jinx was then crowned with the new crown of the Queen of Blackwood.

Gift of a Crown

As Prince Nigel's crown has been used to ceremoniously crown the royalty of Blackwood, a new crown was needed for Blackwood's Crown Prince. With this in mind, Representative Sayeh and Ambassador Dagger searched Mythodea for over a year in search of something befitting a prince, and they found something. With all the gold the Embassy and Sapphire Isle could muster, a crown was purchased and hidden away in Sapphire Isle cotton to be presented to the prince during the Feast of Blackwood.

Ambassador Dagger and Representative Sayeh stood before those gathered during Blackwood Court. Dagger explained that Prince Seagen was indeed missing a crown and that that would need to be properly rectified. He then stood back and gave the floor to Lady Sayeh. Sayeh spoke of the smiths Leofortis who had crafted the crown before drawing it from its dark-blue slip and placing it upon the prince's head.  

Knighting of Sir Dagger of Blackwood

As Blackwood Court neared a close, King Kerrel called the Knights of Blackwood to stand at the head of the hall. King Kerrel proclaimed that the Knights wished to recognize someone for deeds done in service to Blackwood and the Crown over the past several years. King Kerrel explained that no further explanations as to the exploits of person they wished to recognize were needed, as that person had been up to speak to the court twice already on that subject. Ambassador Dagger was then called to stand before his king, queen, prince and the gathered Knights of Blackwood.

King Kerrel then asked if the ambassador would accept the title of Knight of Blackwood and to uphold its tenants as one. Dagger, dumbfounded by the surprise stumbled through his words but did, indeed, agree. King Kerrel unraveled a knight's belt of the order and fastened it to Dagger's waits. The now, Sir Dagger, gave each knight a hug, as was custom, and then took his place beside the gathered Knights of Blackwood as one of them.

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Sir Dagger, the Ambassador of Blackwood, and Representative Sayeh presented the royal family with a stack of documents from everything from a land deed to trade proposals to individual contracts. The significance and meaning of each document were explained to include several stories about the various exploits of those who served Blackwood from far across the seas. Important presentations include, but were not limited to the land deeds of: Blackwood House and the Black Pier in Zweiwasser, the Embassy, Embassy compound and Embassy Guard Barracks in the Western Seal Capital and, the expanding East Blackwood Company Guild district in Copperdale; trade deals and trade alliances, diplomatic relations with various key figures of Mythodea and, the exploits of Eridan Crabsbane, Duke Beria, Varn of CrestGrath and the entire Embassy Guard.


The great nation of Invictus attended the wedding, coronation, and feast led by their Lord, Sir Shandar. Sir Shandar was dressed in his finest purple while the rest of Invictus wore their usual red, some were in finery as well. All members of Invictus were respectful and pleasant to talk to especially Lord Sir Trent of Acoria who is also a Knight of Blackwood. Ambassador Dagger presented Sir Shandar with an issue of the "The Ambassador" newspaper.


The old and well-respected nation of Folkstone was also in attendance. Lord Sir Malaki was present along with other members of the nation including Regent Matiya who attended to Lady Jinx Uffern, the bride to be of the King of Kerrel of Blackwood. Many well-intentioned conversations were had with the various members of Folkstone.


The Druid Kingdom of Voranis was present in force for the wedding however its Druid King was not. Warlord Cronin Barbaria was the ranking pack member present. Gaven the Green and Warlord Cronin Barbaria along with other pack members were instrumental in dealing with the issues that plagued Blackwood the nights leading up to the wedding.

Northern Alliance

The Northern Alliance attended. Elder Aryss Destevaul of the Northern Alliance, however, was not present. Gordon Lightfoot of the Northern Alliance, being a member of the King's Guard, was also present. Ambassador Dagger angered the Alliance over a dispute concerning seating for the Blackwood Court and Feast. It is the Embassy's hope that these tensions be eased in the future. Gordon Lightfoot, a member of the King’s Guard, was made a member of the Royal Guard when the King’s Guard was officially changed to not only protect the King but the royal family as well.


Lord Sir Syruss led the collective Neden nation in their attendance of the Royal Wedding and Coronation. Syruss was honored by the Knights of the Eternal Flame during Blackwood Court.


The Nation of Stonewood arrived in force as well, led by Lord Elwin O'Bearikin. They too paid their respects to the new Queen of Blackwood and the union of king and queen.

Sapphire Isle

Issues concerning Sapphire Isle were spoken of at length during the Feast of Blackwood. Aid supplies from the Mythodean Western Seal, Support from the East Blackwood Embassy Guard and Tuilli MacAengus were promised and sent. The East Blackwood Company will also establish a Realms Office on the Island which will include a detachment of Embassy Guard led by Slim of CrestGrath.

Squire Sayeh of Sapphire Isle, alongside Ambassador Dagger, presented a new crown to the Crown Prince of Blackwood, Sir Seagen.


At the Feast of Blackwood, Realms Common Year 1019, Ambassador Sir Dagger and Representative Sayeh met with the King, Queen, and Prince of Blackwood to discuss trade going east. The Kingdom of Blackwood will be supporting and persuing deepened trade with, at least, the Seehandelsgilde going forward.

Picture by Dustin Mack