The Realms / Death of Lord Sir Vawn by Dagger and Eagle's Rook


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Two years ago I had the honor of writing the obituary of a great and moral character in a landscape of gray played by an even better man.  As a child and teenager I had looked up to the character and as I grew older the player. The player, Dave, was fighting cancer and appeared to have been losing the fight.  Knowing this, a LARP event was hosted where his character could fight his final fight, walk through halls filled with his countrymen and women and, pass on into the Summer lands.  It was an honor to write that character obituary (you can see it below) but today I received the worse news one could get. The player of Sir Vawn, Dave H., passed away today after fighting with cancer over the past few years.

I am thankful for the chance I was given to speak with him at Feast of Blackwood 2019, the same LARP where my own character was knighted.  Dave was a great man.

May he Rest in Peace.

- Gary E. Heinstrom

Death of Lord Sir Vawn Coupant,
Knight Commander of Eagle's Rook
Templar of Vandor
Knight of the Eternal Flame
Knight of the Realms

Not all struggles are fought on a battlefield. Some are born out of pride, loyalty, respect, and honor. Vawn struggled with all of those things. Born a lowly farmer, Vawn Coupant earned a knighthood and was later risen to the status of Lord of Eagle's Rook. In his time, Vawn was a paragon of honor, valor, and truth as it was the code he lived by. Vawn's wife was a symbol of his personal values and when she fell heroically and entered the Summerlands, Vawn dedicated his life to do the same where one day he would be reunited with her. 

Along with an intrepid host of warriors of the Realms, Sir Vawn journeyed through the cursed plane of Gaol on a holy quest given to him by Vandor, the God of Protection and Vengeance. Together they faced off against wicked Asmodeus and the fell minions he had gathered, in a valiant endeavor to free Garm, the God of Balance, who had long been imprisoned, pinned to his throne by the Sword of Kings.  It was there on that noble quest that Vawn Coupant passed onto the Summerlands where he would fight his final battle for all eternity along side his beloved wife.

Hero is a common term in the Realms, yet few live up to the name.  Most „heroes“ spend much of their active lives invading foreign lands and meddling in the affairs of others.  While not all actions on behalf of the „heroes“ of the Realms are morally bad, few can actually say with conviction that they are true heroes.  Yet Sir Vawn had always lived up to that meaning the word hero invokes.  He had always been a figure one could respect and idolize.  A white knight in a field of gray, Vawn Coupant was a true Hero of the Realms in his lifetime.

Having risen from a simple farmer to become a knight, lord, and paragon of Honor, Valor and Truth, Sir Vawn's mortal existence ended in much the same way he lived, in service to others.  Lord Sir Vawn Coupant leaves behind his daughter, Liana Coupant, the family Coupant, and a grieving nation.