The Great Road / Die Große Straße: Update 4


During the Summer Campaign 16 Jahre n.d.E. to the Island of the World Forge, Ambassador Dagger, along with the Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle, met with the Margrave Balor der Rote to discuss the progress of the Road thus far.  Dagger professed that the road had been slowed some due to him having pulled some resources to work on the Terra Tunnel. The margrave expressed his displeasure that Dagger had not informed him of his decision and gave him three weeks to complete the project.  The Ambassador is hurrying back to the road site to ensure that that happens though it is a difficult point in the Road’s construction. The Ambassador’s personal goal is to complete it in two weeks but the work will only be reviewed after four.

Ambassador Dagger met with Zweiwasser's Chancellor to discuss the road in more depth after Dagger met with the Margrave.  There the chancellor and Dagger made the plan to meet at the connecting point on the mountain ridge to overlook both sides of the Road both Rosen and Westen. 

Later, during the campaign, as part of the Embassy Deal in the West, Ambassador Dagger met with the West's Trade Minister who informed Dagger that the Western Road, although it appears on the maps, was not actually finished as the connection had been slowed due to a need of stone for another project within the Western Seal.  Ambassador Dagger took this information to the Chancellor of Zweiwasser with the idea that perhaps the Fiefdom could use it to their advantage.  Time will tell as the Archon of Thornes has passed away during the campaign.