The Great Road / Die Große Straße: Update 3


The road's progress had progressed quickly after the the Baron Münzer's added support following the Camping in the spring. This made up for lost time allowing the road.  Ambassador Dagger returned to the road for some time while he continued to recruit artisans and merchants from the region and guide the roads continued progress under the more detailed leadership of Mistress Raelene Skie.

With hopes of presenting the road with the then Baron Balor the Red of Zweiwaser to the Crown, Dagger traveled south to the Convent of the Elements in Holzbrück.  There, the Ambassador worked to secure the future of the Emabssy, prepare for the arrival of the Baroness Sayeh of Saphire Isle and for any further projects that may potentially have gone the Embassy's way.  The Baron Balor was elevated to Margrave during the festival but did not have time to present the road with Dagger.  Dagger was instead given an invitation to the Realm of Roses Trade Summit where the road was announced publicly to those gathered.

Following the announcement, those present at the Summit were invited to a meeting concerning a matter of great importance the following day.  That meeting was hosted by Stordan von Zackenberg.  During that meeting, Dagger was put forth as the best option to lead the above ground construction site of the Terra Tunnel repair project.  the Tunnel itself would serve to provide fast and stable transportation for a large portion of the armies of Mythodea to the island of the World Forge.  Should it not be completed in time, the World Forge would likely not have enough defense to stop the Forsaken from taking control of it once again.

During the Convent, Ambassador Dagger also had the opportunity to have a long conversation with the Baron of Schönweiler concerning the road and other matters of trade.  The Baron once again promised more support to aid with any issues still befalling the road's construction.

Noting the project's importance, Dagger traveled quickly back to the progressing road project to prepare for a tight work schedule.  This meant asking Mistress Skie to place a temporary replacement in her stead while she assisted for the first half of the Tunnel project insuring that the project be completed on time so that the World Forge would not be retaken by the enemy.  During this time progress continued on the road all be it a bit slower.  People of Zweiwaser and Schönweiler were also sent to the Tunnel by their lords to assist in that work. 

With the brief set back in the road construction of a less than three weeks, Dagger sent Mistress Skie back to the road while he prepared for the campaign ahead.  There, he hoped, the Road would be presented to the Crown of the Realm of Roses.