The Far East / Taverne - Zur wankenden Drossel


Germany:  Ambassador Dagger, Varn, Leo and Kaevh will be visiting the tavern at the start of the year. Perhaps even Marik will make an appearance. 

Ambassador Dagger received notice of the pending arrival of the Alonis merchant Djako Kaevh.  Through the Seehandelsgilde Contract, Dagger was aware of the port Djako would arrive in first.  To avoid any complications, and given the low period of the year, Ambassador Dagger gathered a couple of his staff and traveled via S.H.G transport through The Fog to the meeting point, a tavern, near a port town lightly affiliated with the S.H.G to meet the merchant.

LARP Taverne - Zur wankenden Drossel



Prittwitzstraße 36, 89075 Ulm, Germany