The Bay of Heolysos: Goldwacht


Embassy and E.B.Co 

After conversations with various leaders of the Münzquell during the Summerfeldzug, Ambassador Dagger wished to follow up on prior conversations and diplomacy once more.  As it is, the threat of the destruction of the Münzquell remains.  If it was possible to help the Münzquell avoid that fate, Dagger wished to do so.  Dagger sent a letter to Varn of CrestGrath, the acting Master of Blackwood Haus, ordering him to close the deputation and travel south to meet him at Schönweiler.  

Once in Schönweiler, however, Ambassador Dagger was nowhere to be found. As per instruction, Varn, and his companion Layla, traveled on to the City of Goldwacht in the Bay of Heolysos without him.

Dagger did eventually arrive at Goldwacht, made late by a lame horse, where he met up with Varn.  There Dagger was formally introduced to Layla.  During the conversation, she offered her services and the ambassador took her on as a member of the Guard.  

The Beliefs of the Münzquell

During the Embassy's stay in Goldwacht, Ambassador Dagger had many long conversations with various people of the Münzquell on the subject of their situation in relation to the Ruler's Counsel of Mythodea. In general, there were two primary beliefs that came forward during these discussions.  Dagger personally presented the arguments he had acquired in the North, West, and Realm of Roses as the opposing view.  The embassy took no position itself rather than to discuss the views of the Münzquell and the rest of Mythodea.

The General Mythodean Argument

As of many conversations had in the name of diplomacy, the general view of, "the Münzquell are Invaders," seems to be the clearest secular belief. During the Summer Campaign at the island of the World Forge, an explanation of the stand of the Ruler's Counsel was offered: "The Münzquell have effectively taken a city belonging to the Ruler's Counsel, claimed it as their own, declared it autonomous and self-governing and asked that their decisions and actions be respected by the Ruler's Counsel.

To the Seals, their Archons and their Nyames, the Münzquell are invaders who demand their freedom to do so. They have refused the authority and rulership of the Counsel. They have even spoken blasphemy against the religion of Mythodea as a whole. In this the Beloved Children of the Elements are also against the actions of the Münzquell. The threat of a siege of Goldwacht remains ever present.

First Münzquell Belief

The strongest burning belief of the Münzquell seems to be that they have the right to settle in Mythodea without the rulership of the Ruler's Counsel as their time is over. According to them, the time of Mortals is now and as mortals, the Münzquell believe there are free to rule themselves. They seem to believe that the Archons, Nyames and Beloved Children of the Elements are too connected to the immortal Quihen Assil and therefore should no longer hold rulership over Mythodea. They believe that the words of the Quihen Assil should not be taken as gospel rather the answers of the Kral Urien.

This is of course blasphemy for the majority of Mythodea and should the Münzquell hold to this belief, they could face extinction.

Second Münzquell Belief

There are, however, some Münzqueller that believe that some compromise should be made to ensure the existence of the Münzquell. Some seem to realize the sheer size of their opposition and the futility of their cause. They may perhaps believe in the Golden Heritage of the Münzquell but they are not so arrogant to believe that they could win a war against the Seals. They are far too few after all.