Terra Tunnel


During the Convent of the Elements (2018), Ambassador Dagger attended the Realm of Roses Trade Summit where he officially founded the East Blackwood Company.  The second topic of the meeting was the need to repair the Terra Tunnel within just over 40 days. Should this not happen then the armies of Mythodea will not be able to reach the World Forge Fortress in time to defend it against the Armies of the Ratio and the Forsaken.  At the end of the Trade Summit, a second meeting centered around the Terra Tunnel was announced for the following day.

Dagger attended the Terra Tunnel meeting at the camp of Zackenberg where it was decided that there would be two main operation leaders.  One would be Master Muriel Brillantherz, of the Clan of the Zottelbärte who would lead the underground work and the other would be Dagger of Blackwood, Ambassador of Blackwood and the Realms, Leader of the East Blackwood Company.