Summer Campaign / Western Seal


Defending the West

During the Spring Campaign to Kahl'hatra, Ambassador Dagger and the Embassy Guard met with Connel, now Prince Connel of the West, and the Kura'assil to discuss their future training plans.  The Embassy Guard would soon be barracked in the same part of the capital city of the Western Seal, Grian Quihenya. Between the Spring and Summer Campaigns, the East Blackwood Company had a mission which required the full force of the Embassy Guard elsewhere meaning this training had yet to take place.  So, during the Summer Campaign, the Embassy Guard made sure to speak with and support both the Kura'Assil and the Western Seal.

By chance, on the day that six warriors of the Embassy Guard including the Ambassador himself had visited the Western camps, a mission back to the lands of the West was called. A new enemy had begun ravaging the coasts of the Western Seal, the Skargen and the West, their allies and the Blutpackt were about to embark on a mission to stop them. With the support of the Nyame of the West, some four hundred and fifty fighting men and women were able to pass through a large Aeris Portal into the West and with the strength of the High Priestess of the Naldar the host would be able to return.

East Blackwood formed up with only six but six was better than nothing.  Commander Anthem, Captain Varn, Ambassador Dagger, Reginald, Annabel, and Beria took to the line.  In the initial charge, Varn was heavily injured as he had not been sufficiently prepared for the battle beforehand.  Then, the entire right flank of the allied battle line broken when facing the might of the Skargen army.  That left the five remainging fighters of East Blackwood at the far right.  Soldiers of the support ranks behind the front line moved to hold the right long enough to allow the mainlines to reform.  During that action, Reginald was also heavily injured.  Dagger took sent Reginald to find a healer and fell back with the Western Line.

As the battle continued to progress, the allied line fell further and further back until its broken remains held a slightly raised ridgeof trees.  The trees seemed to help fill in the gaps but even then Dagger found himself on the front with only one other warrior between two trees were twenty could have fit.  The Ambassador was also not very healthy as he too had sustained heavy injuries as he fell back.  Commander Anthem's healing potions were the only thing keeping the old soldier in the fight. 

Eventually, Reginald was strong enough to rejoin the battle. Around this time, Commander Anthem ran out of arrows and decided to run down a line of Skargen archers on his own. He cut several down before returning to the line. At one point the Skargen attempted to take Ambassador Dagger for his blood.  Dagger fought a duel against a Skargen warrior, won and attempted to capture the fallen but failed without needed aid to drag the body back.

The Western Marshal, Theo, gathered the remaining strength of the West and performed a flanking action from the left line which caught the Skargen off guard and quickly rolled them up winning the battle in favor of the West.  With that, the allied force limped back through the portal to their respective war camps.  East Blackwood stayed with the West for a while licking their wounds before they too returned to their Camp.

The Banner of Silence

Though the attempt had been made to present gifts and words to the Banner of Silence earlier during the campaign, Ambassador Dagger had not managed to find the Baroness Eflama de Boisvert in the war camp Viribus Unitas of the North.  Due to other appointments, Ambassador Dagger and Commander Anthem de Vigil presented her with a gift then and there on the final night of the campaign.

Blackwood Token

The first gift presented was the promise of aid and support on behalf of the Kingdom of Blackwood for her and her people.  The token that was gifted represented that promise. Ambassador Dagger will explain that promise to the King of Blackwood at his wedding in a little over a month's time.

Coin of the Realm 997

To thank the baroness for her support and friendship and as a show of high respect, Ambassador Dagger gifted Baroness Eflama de Boisvert the Coin of the Realm 997.  Dagger uses the coin as a gift to those he respects the most and as a thank you for their work, support, friendship, and family.