Summer Campaign / Free Cities and Bund


Porto Leonis

Ambassador Dagger was invited to the Green Meeting by Ulrich von Hochkammer during the Summer Campaign.  Dagger visited with Representative Djako.  As there was another pre-planned appointment later that night, Ambassador Dagger and Representative Djako only had the time to speak about trade with Urlich before leaving early to meet other engagements. 

Märkischer Bund

Through the friendship of Commander Anthem, Lorenzo di Cusano of the Märkischer Bund spent a lot of time at the East Blackwood camp during the Summer Campaign.  Toward the end of the campaign, Lorenzo di Cusano returned to the camp with a list and offered Blackwood land within the Märkischer Bund.  The offer seemed abrupt and made little sense to the Embassy. Lorenzo di Cusano Explained that through issues of Sturmhart having pushed his people out of the Freyenmark when he took it over years prior, now that Sturmhart is dead, his group was coming back to reclaim what was there. But they were in need of settlers and since Blackwood was in need of land to work for the production of resources, the deal made sense.  After reviewing the deal, Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood signed it. 


Ambassador Dagger and a number of the Embassy Guard and East Blackwood Company visited the Ad Astra War Camp to check up on the ambassador’s contact attempt.  It happened that one of the Archenar were celebrating a birthday and East Blackwood was spontaneously invited to the party.  East Blackwood then broke bread with the Archenar, Ad Astra and other people of Asina.