The Realms / The Court of Blackwood Gathers for the First Time Since the Plague


The Court of Blackwood Gathers for the First Time Since the Plague

His Majesty, King Kerrell of Blackwood held a small tournament in mid-summer, and with hope in their eyes the citizens and heroes of the surrounding realms did gather in small numbers. It is still too soon to tell if these dark days of solitude are over, but we seek the courage now to face the new age ahead.

In this new age of Blackwood, His Royal Highness, Prince Saegan has passed his honor as Knight Commander of the Knights of Blackwood to Lord Mathias. Lord Mathias has had a long history throughout the realms, and has spoken of how much he values his knighthood over any other honor that has been given to him. The Prince gifted the new Knight Commander with a pair of decorated bracers with the two hands of the Knighthood, a gift His Royal Highness made with his own hands.

The Knights of Blackwood have also welcomed a new squire. Dame Matiya of Folkstone, once a squire to the Queen of Blackwood, Her Majesty Jinx, came before the court to ask Tazzia to become her squire. Their common love for cooking and family is known to many across the realms, but they are also vocal and dedicated to the growth of the community as well as mages. The kingdom looks forward to seeing what this new chapter will bring.

Lastly, His Majesty announced that in the coming months he must sail to the Southern Isles, which is far past the Southern Wastes and the surrounding allied realms. His mission remains a mystery to us all at this time, but he will not go it alone. In his absence, Prince Saegan has been left in charge of the kingdom, the first true test to see what the future will hold.