Realms / Feast of Voraniss by Sir Shean


As Lady Kindrianna Athame wrote in the invitations, the people of Voraniss opened their gates to their friends and allies for their first Feast of Voraniss where foreign dignitaries and guests would be made welcome for the first time.  There their clan leader was named Druid King, Hygar Athame:

"Voraniss is a wild country. Our cities are small and our people are fierce, but they are no less joyous to see the sun when the last snow thaws. This year Voraniss also intends to name Hygar Athame as its Druid King; its unifier and source of inspiration for growth and greatness. You, our guests, are invited to bear witness to this sacred coronation ceremony and bring your business before the Voranian court once you run it by our local Magistrate. Please understand that our people take ritual and prayer very seriously, and will call the Spirits of the land to watch over these proceedings. Should you choose to speak of matters of importance, they will be listening." - Lady Kindrianna Athame

Sir Shean and the Realms Embassy was among the many guests for this feast.

Feast of Voraniss had many of the normal accompaniments for food and drink however very early into the morning there were groups of some sort of talking lizard creatures looking to address Higer and the people of Voraniss. There was quite a bit of talk that their touch was poisonous and to not let them touch you or your food or drink. These Swamp creatures made it a point to walk around and talk to everyone letting them know they were looking to talk to Higer about a treaty. When Higer was pointed out to them and they were told by people that they could not speak for Voraniss they often walked away not going to Higer. It is not known why they did this but several feast growers commented that this appeared very funny almost staged.

An alliance was concluded at some point of the day. The show and pomp was very well done but the ceremony was very long and a few interactions and spirits that came and inhabited members of Voraniss was disturbing enough that multiple on looks in sheathed weapons. There were some gifts exchanged and one thing was a tree and a very long story by King Cecil of Chimeron about being a good monarch and watching a red maple grow...

In conclusion, there were about eight members of The Realms Embassy in attendance and 3 Creathorne members out of the about eighty people that attended.

- Sir Shean O'Quinnlin