Realm of Roses: Zackenberg


During the Convent of the Elements (2018), Dagger met with Zackenberg of the lands formerly known as Kelemthal at the conclusion of the Realm of Roses Trade Summit.  Zackenberg had been following the Embassy’s work within the Realms of Roses for some time and was aware of the ambassador’s interest to found a company within the river regions of the seal.  The Lord of Zackenberg offered, crown’s permission permitting,  trade opportunities and a location for an East Blackwood Company Office.  The newly founded E.B.Co. awaits the answer from the Crown.

During the Terra Tunnel meeting, the Lord of Zackenberg suggested to the lords, ladies and merchants gathered that Dagger leads the tunnel repair project.  This trust in the Ambassador’s abilities perhaps shows the starting state of the relationship the Embassy has with Zackenberg.  Only time will tell how this plays out.