Porto Leonis: Convent of the Elements


With Don Anthem DeVigil, Dagger of Blackwood, Ambassador of Blackwood introduced himself to the representatives of Porto Leonis, one of the new free cities.  A day or two later the diplomat of Porto Leonis went to the Embassy tent to speak with the Ambassador there.  During their discussion, she explained that the embassy would be welcomed but that each member of it must sign up to work in the guilds of Porto Leonis and that Embassy work would only be done in the free time of the members of it.  On top of that, East Blackwood Company would likely not be allowed to operate within the city as the city.  When further asked if it would be possible to store goods in the harbor to be transferred elsewhere later, the diplomat suggested that that would also not be likely.  

Relations with Porto Leonis remain only in that we have a good relationship with Fjordstadt.  Until something changes in the governing of Porto Leonis, the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy, along with E.B.Co., will no longer attempt to establish itself within the city.