Nueva Tortuga / Birthday Celebration at Port Odd


Birthday Celebration of Captain Ava Oddmir:  Captain Ava Oddmir of the Tyra Lorena, a member of the East Blackwood Company, at the end of the spring of Realms Year 1020 invited crew and friends alike to celebrate her birthday at a tavern at Port Odd on the Isle Nueva Tortuga. When Ambassador Dagger received the news of the gathering while he was on his way back to Mythodea after venturing into the Mittlelande on business. He abruptly made acceptation and a detour to the fringes of the Drachenlander to bring a gift or two and congratulate the captain on her birthday.

Port Odd was a team with activity and good cheer.  Many merchants peddled their wares to the party guests and traders who used the port as a stop along their journeys to near and far. Games of dice were many as well as the songs sung.  Many of those attending the party celebrated until late into the night.

Happy Birthday Captain Ava Oddmir - The Ambassador Staff