Peckelohnyen / Meeting of the Donner Flotte


At the turn of the fall, Realms Year 1020, the Tyra Lorena's Donner Flotte (Thunder Fleet) and a ship form the Mitrasperanische Hanse bringin the East Blackwood Company turned away from their original course to stop at the island of Peckelohnyen.  When asked why they had changed course, Captain Ava Oddmir simply replied with a slanted grin, "diplomacy."

Schwankende Rumfass signs Codex of the Thunder Fleet joining the Donner Flotte

With the arrival of the Donner Flotte and the East Blackwood Company, an impromptu festival was hosted by the captain and crew of the Schwankende Rumfass.  During that festival, the crew of the Tyra Lorena presented a large challenge to the host.  The challenge made it so that the Schwankende crew had to come together to solve a riddle.  The crew completed the challenge together and were praised for their efforts and unity by the Tyra Lorena's navigator, Thalla Jorah.  Once the challenge was concluded various crew members of the ships and their captains presents were invited to the Captains Table where Captain Nathaniel "Übermorgan" Hawke signed the Kodex der Donnerflotte (Codex of the Thunder Fleet) and was officially welcomed into the Donner Flotte.

Schwankende Rumfass joins E.B.Co

During the gathering of ships, Sir Dagger of Blackwood spoke with both Captain Nathaniel Hawke and his first mate Alexander Laurence about having them join the East Blackwood Company with their ship.  By way of extension, talks about providing selling opportunities for the Schwandende Rumfass's rum in the future where had.  With a nod from Captain Ava of the Tyra Lorena, Captain Hawke joined the company and drank to seal the deal. 

Sir Dagger requested that Captain Hawke offer a member of his crew as a liaison to the East Blackwood Company so that the company would have an easier time of coordinating with the ship.  Captain Hawke offered his first mate, Alexander Laurence, who promptly also joined the company.

Navigator Thalla Officially Joins the East Blackwood Company

As a close of business with the East Blackwood Company at the gathering of ships on Peckelohnye, Captain Ava of the Tyra Lorena, this ship's navigator Thalla Jorah and, Sir Dagger of Blackwood the Leader of the East Blackwood Company reaffirmed their business relationship.  To finialize this, Ava drank to the union while officially offering Thalla Jorah as the East Blackwood Company's liaison to the Tyra Lorena. 

Thalla drank to the union and was given gifts of appropriate clothing for the new role.