OT/OOC / East Blackwood Holiday Gathering


Germany: (Private Event) Due to the cancellation of the Esslingen Christmas market, we have decided to host a small OT/OOC gathering at the home of Jose/Commander Anthem in its place. We would have food in potluck form and byob/a. We can also warm up things like gluwein and other such holiday drinks. This event is capped at 10 people ONLY from the East Blackwood group.

East Blackwood Holiday Gathering


  • Germany's 2G+ rule for Covid - All participants must be either vaccinated, recovered and tested with a speed test.  Tests can be made available if needed.
  • 10 person maximum
  • Only East Blackwood members

18-19 December 2021

Location:  Jose/Anthem's residence - Details to come in PM for participants