North: Copperdale


Since the trials for the seat of Nyame of the North, the Kettles of Copperdale have had a good relationship with the now Ambassador Dagger. As friendly faces, the Kettles are a great asset to the Embassy as they offer a way to do business and diplomacy in the North.

The Governor of Copperdale and member of the Kettles, Doctor Niele Forbonte offered the Embassy and newly founded East Blackwood Co. a position in Copperdale's Guild Council and the ownership of a city district within Copperdale. After reviewing the contract of Copperdale, Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood signed the document and established the E.B.Co. as a guild within Copperdale. A later contract for the records of the E.B.Co. was prepared and signed by both parties.

Don Anthem DeVigil has been named the Guild Leader of the E.B.Co. Copperdale District. He has begun plans for the construction of various buildings within E.B.Co.'s portion of the city. This construction has been paid for and will be built by the Kutscher Guild.

Doc. Niele Forbonte has also offered Zoll Marks to Dagger should the E.B.Co. require them in an important project such as the Terra Tunnel repairs. He has also asked that the E.B.Co. trade Copperdale's resources on the Kettle's behalf.