Mythodea / Woods of renouveau


France:  Last year Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle answered the call for aid from her Western Seal allies and Sir Dagger and the Embassy Guard provided that aid in Nova Bretonia and the Ancient World.  After trials and tribulations that mission was a success, or was it?  Ambassador Sir Dagger promised an Representative Djako Kaevh further support to Nova Bretonia should they require it.  Sir Dagger of Blackwood, Corporal Bodwar and Ceallach of the O'Annid and acting Champion of the Guard now journey to Nova Bretonia to lend that aid.

The lights of the night are never as disturbing as that damn enlighted pendant. The chosen ones who carry the fragments of the passage and who were commissioned to guard it are invaded by nightmares. But last night you saw it clearly far from the dream world. The pendant shines. Are you going to answer the call ?

Last straight line, so the last important infos since we will be 25 people minimum

[COVID] a PRC test 48 / 72h before your arrival would be ideal (and it's free for French people, so go ahead!). In any case, a quick test and gel will be available if you cannot take a test before. We choose not to wear the mask during LARP and therefore call for your personal vigilance. If there will be a positive case, we will inform everyone of course, but we cannot be held responsible.

[THE DODO] Sheets and duvets are provided. No need to burden yourself. Just think about your toiletries, and a little blanket (we will be in the forest and it will not be particularly hot in the evening).

[KITCHEN] the kitchen is fully equipped, we will simply ask you to bring your RP dishes. As a reminder, breakfast is included in the price, and will be served between 8 am and 9 am. Snacks (fruit, cake, syrup, etc.) will be available throughout the day.

[ARRIVAL] The arrival, can be done from 4 pm. No need to arrive before (with some exceptions), we need time to go around the place and set up some things. We are looking forward to meet you again. If you have any question, it's now... or never /drama

Woods of renouveau


Hosts:  Julie Garçon Parisot, Eldrid Hq-w Valkyrian und Jimy Michalet

Lieu-dit Mines de Plomb - 68160 Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines - Haut-Rhin

3. June at 18:00 until 6. June

UTC+02 - 6. Juni um 16:00 UTC+02