Mythodea / Winter What?


The Winter Solstice festival at Lunorth was canceled due to an invasion of the Northern Seal. The festival's guests, who had made the journey, turned around to return to whence they came. Many of such travelers were caught in a heavy-winter storm. Those caught on the road sought refuge where they could and many found themselves at an abandoned inn during a break in the storm. The house was mysteriously filled with food and sat, conveniently, in the middle of a break in the storm while that storm still raged all around them. 

While the circumstances of their arrival at the inn were enigmatic, the sudden gathering of people was used to announce important changes in the lives of notables and to discuss the invasion that had been reported in the Mitrasperanische Herold.


Sir Raven of the Iron Daggers presented those gathered with the information he had been, as of that moment, privy to. A large force of unknown origin had arrived by sea and landed on Northern shores. The force was reported to be moving steadily South East toward the Black Ice Territory. It was rumored that the Northern Fiefdoms who's lands the army passed through did not attack it. Instead, they send soldiers to defend cities and key trade ports in case the invading army chose to attack. It was believed that Northern Seal leaders preferred to allow the army to pass into Black Ice lands unhindered. 

Master Djako and Bødvar of the Kingdom of Blackwood

Sir Dagger presented Djako Kaevh, Master Merchant of the East Blackwood Company and Corporal Bødvar of the Embassy Guard with their Sworn Citizenship of the Kingdom of Blackwood letters granting them all the rights, freedoms and duties the position and role provides. They are now sworn to the Crown and Lands of the Kingdom of Blackwood. 

Sir Mads "Rooster" Patterson

Sir Mads "Rooster" Petterson of the Iron Daggers announced his knighthood and invited many of those gathered a party, at a later date, to celebrate his elevation. The seals present on his Title of Knighthood were that of Sir Raven of the Iron Daggers and Sir Ulrich von Hochkammer of Porto Leonis. 

Lord Protector Victor Kettle 

The Lord Protector of Lunorth, Victor Kettle, arrived at the cursed house a day after the majority of the other "guests" had arrived.  While there, Lord Victor and Sir Raven, along with the other key citizens of Lunorth who were present, sat down with a map of Mythodea to review stratigical planning concerning the recent invasion of the Northern Seal.

Cursed House

The "abandoned" Inn was discovered to have been cursed before the traveling people of Lunorth, East Blackwood and, the Iron Daggers stayed there. Nine of the "guests" were marked by the curse later resulting in a ritual to free them from it. This curse came with a price.  That price five of the nine cursed declined to pay instead removing the burden from themselves and placing it upon the soul of a young woman who had died there. In the end, Bødvar of the Kingdom of Blackwood led a eulogy for the woman's soul.

An Impromptu Ball and Gambling

With little to do but eat, drink and rest, the "guests" at the inn decided to wait out the weather and enjoy some festivities of their own creation. A ball was hosted allowing those who had brought finery for the now canceled Winter Solstice Festival to enjoy while many of those who decided not to dance instead partook many rounds of Shield among other gambling games. During one heated game of Shield, Diob of the Iron Daggers lost to Sir Dagger of Blackwood a sizable some of coin and jewels.