Mythodea / Western Seal


During the campaign to the Valley of Impermanence, it was discovered that the late Archon of Thorns, Vincent, along with the Nyame of the Roses and her Naches're signed a Non-aggression agreement with their mortal enemy, the Black Dynasty to prevent them from overrunning the realm.  The Tulhien of Thorns, Ramirez of Sagara, learned about this pact near one year later during the above mentioned campaign.  With a unique opertunity before him, Ramirez attempted to convince various nations of Mythodea to support his mission to exploit the remaining weeks of the contract for military gain.

During the campaign in the Valley of Impermanence, Baron Dagger of East Blackwood was the lord in charge of the Validar War Camp and thus it fell on him to make diplomatic decisions.  When Ramirez approached Lord Dagger, Lord Dagger chose to support Ramirez in spite of counsel against it.  

Within the next two hours, Archon Colin of the Western Seal arrived at the Validar camp to treat with Baron Dagger. The Archon explained details of the situation that were not previously known to the new baron.  Dagger thanked his excellency for the information but was required elsewhere by the Archon of the South, likely for the same reason.