Mythodea / Western Seal


Nova Bretonia

The East Blackwood Company's Makø Tock traveled with an Embassy Guard and Nova Bretonian escort to Nova Bretonia after the Festival of Life in the Barony of East Blackwood.  The goal was to provide her a home away from war where she could be looked after during her pregnancy and potentially cured of her demonic affliction without harming her.  Sir Bødvar Tock was given a large building in a Nova Bretonian town east of the capital. Sir Bødvar's assistant, Master William Klatch, was made caretaker of the building complex and permitted to developed the location as he saw fit.

Master William invited Baron Dagger of East Blackwood and a contingent of Company and Guard members for a gathering.  When East Blackwood arrived they were met by Sir Alsrik and other soldiers of Nova Bretonia. The Nova Bretonians barred East Blackwood entry into the building unless they gave up their weapons.  Baron Dagger of East Blackwood, a Knight of Blackwood, refused on the basis of honor and the need to maintain his sword.  The result was that Sir Alsrik denied East Blackwood entry.  Master William voiced his objections which went ignored by the Nova Bretonians.  Sir Alsrik claimed that if East Blackwood cared about the well being of Makø Tock they would remove their weapons into the safe keeping of Nova Bretonia.

Finally, Baron Dagger reluctantly agreed offering to only hand his sword to a fellow knight.  Sir Alsrik agreed and was the one to take Sir Dagger's sword.  East Blackwood handed over the weapons and were welcomed into the main hall of the building by Master William.  East Blackwood, especially Master Gideon Klaud, worked hand-in-hand then after on Makø' care.