Mythodea / Western Seal


This year's Winterwacht festival was hosted in the Duchy of Validar due West of Glutbucht.  At the festival, Lady Lowis Arkenstone of Blackwood, Diplomat of the  Western Seal and, her daughter, Feuerbell, Maga of the Western Seal and the Magic Citadel Fort Galdur were among the honored guests.  Baron Dagger of East Blackwood had agreed to adopt both three months prior at the Barony of East Blackwood's Festival of Life.  During the Winterwacht festival, Baron Dagger made the adoption official with a contract signed by all parties involved.  Lowis is now Lady Lowis Arkenstone of Blackwood and her daughter Feuerbell is now Lady Feuerbell Arkenstone of Blackwood.

Baron Dagger asked his new daughter, with others of Validar present, when the Western Seal would be invading Tir Narall and supporting the war efforts in Kahl'Hatra.  To this she answered that that is part of why she was there in the Duchy of Validar.  She had been named the Western Seal's Emissary to Validar.