Mythodea / Western Seal


Convent and Conflict:

Crowning of the Barons of Validar:  Allies, friends, dignitaries and other honored guests were invited before the Shrine to witness the blessing of sacred oils at the hands of the Edelphi. Sir Balor conducted the ceremony while the Edelphi blessed the oils. Three leaders of three separate peoples were called forward to swear an oath on the elements and the quest to liberate Kahl’hatra, Baron Varek of Zweiwasser, Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Tarin of Gorasia. After swearing the sacred oaths, the three were asked to kneel. Their hats removed, the three were blessed with the blessed oils. From there, Sir Balor placed circlets on the new Baron’s heads and presented them with their new titles as noble leaders of their respective peoples. 

Many dignitaries present congratulated the new barons while some were visibly offended by the act as it suggested an intent to claim the lands of Kahl’hatra and caused uncertainty about the true intent of the crusader mission. Indeed, the crowning of Barons Tarin of Gorasia, Dagger of Blackwood and Varik of Zweiwasser was near immediately followed by an aggressive confrontation between Archon Colin of the Western Seal and Sir Balor of the Crusade of the Elements. The confrontation exploded in to shouting and was only calmed by the presence of the Nyame of the West. 

Territorial Conflict with the Western Seal: 

Following the coronation of the Barons of Validar, Archon Colin and Nyame Siobhan of the Western Seal approached the barons and Sir Balor with distraught and or angry demeanors. The Archon and Nyame of the West explained, in heated words, that the land we had entered belonged to the Western Seal. They explained that land they could feel could not be given to others who do not swear to the Western Oaths. The accusation made was that the crusade was an invasion of Western Seal lands. 

The following argument escalated to yelling between Archon Colin of the Western Seal and Sir Balor from the Crusade.  The Nyame Siobhan was able to calm the Ignis in the Archon.  Soon after the two rulers left.  The Barons and Sir Balor met in private to discuss their next steps.  As it was Balor who had the vision, which started the crusade, it was agreed that Balor would return to the Archon and the Nyame of the West to speak with them again.  During the discussion, the Nyame agreed to meditate deeper and longer into the land to see where the Western boarders truly reached. 

Thursday:  On the second day of the Convent, Validar actively worked with the Western Seal to solve the conflict and misunderstandings. It was discovered through deep mediation with the land that the reach of the Western Seal did not reach across the entirety of Kahl’hatra which explains why the Archon of the South was not felt when he first stepped foot on the river banks of the Mother Storm River. As such, The Validar Crusaders and the Western Seal were able to come to an agreement where in the future the two sides will be able to work together for the common goal of cleansing Kahl’hatra.