Mythodea / Western Seal


Accusations of Wrong Doing

During the Convent of the Elements at Bad Holzbrück, the ongoing accusations of wrongdoing against Makø Tok of Nova Bretonia and the East Blackwood Company expanded to involve Sir Dagger of Blackwood and the East Blackwood Company.  Makø was accused of treason for having signed a contract between the Kettle Family and Nova Bretonia, a Western Fiefdom in which the Northern Seal Protectorate of Lunorth sold Nova Bretonia horses for slaughter in exchange for a large favor on behalf of Nova Bretonia.  By some western elites, this was considered a corrupted trade deal and they claimed that the Kettles were a crime family.  Adding to this, East Blackwood people claimed to have heard the Voice of the West say as much and go as far as to accuse Sir Dagger of Blackwood of foul play in the process.

To make matters worse, an article appeared in the Newspaper claiming that Rii Isenden of Nova Bretonia had entered into a corrupt trade deal with the "infamous and unsavory Kettle Crime syndicate," though no mention was made of the East Blackwood Company who has facilitated the relationship. 

Having heard that the Voice of the West was attempting to place the blame for, what he reportedly called, a corrupt trade deal at Sir Dagger and the East Blackwood Company's feet, the East Blackwood Company went to the Northern Seal camps to report on the situation.  Lord Victor T. Kettle, having found himself being slandered, with the blessing of the Archon of the North who was also an honorary Kettle, decided to be present for the next Western Makø investigation meeting. East Blackwood followed.  The North and East Blackwood sat down with the West to address the claims. During the proceeding, the Western investigation focused only on the slanderous newspaper article and neglected to mention anything the Voice of the West had reportedly said.  Both East Blackwood and the North allowed the focus to be placed on the article rather than pushing for further conflict.  During the proceedings both the East Blackwood Company name, and Makø's name was cleared of any wrong doing; however, Rii Isenden still felt it prudent to "punish" the East Blackwood Company in some way.  His decision was to ban trade with the East Blackwood Company for one year and one day.

After the slander scandal was concluded, a representative of the Land Hanse spoke with the East Blackwood Company concerning the road work between Schönweiler in the Realm of Roses and the Western Seal. During these discussions, the representative of the Land Hanse was made aware of the continuing conflict between the Voice of the West, Sir Dagger of Blackwood and the East Blackwood Company.  In order to make dealing between both parties more fluid, the representative of the Western Land Hanse facilitated a meeting between Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Jean-Louis the Voice of the West.  Jean-Louis arrived with four soldiers and a lady second.  Sir Dagger of Blackwood chose to sit eye to eye with Jean-Louis and have first Bødwar Beerhunter and then Djako Kaevh take the high seats in representation of the Kingdom of Blackwood.

During this meeting Jean-Louis offered a gift of wine while the Embassy offered a gift of both The Ambassador Newspaper and of the new Merit Based System. The parties involved agreed to let bygones be bygones. Before the two parties parted, Jean-Louis invited the entire Embassy to attend his wedding while Sir Dagger offered to build Jean-Louis's soon to be sister-in-law a home for wayward animals.  Dagger also offered all songs in his personal song book, save for those belonging to East Blackwood, to Jean-Louis's second.