Mythodea / War of Ashes - Khal’Hatra by Dagger


The War of Ashes, a war between Razash'dai, their allies and those under of Noreen Brandbringer who still worshiped the traitor Merth'Yar, has been raging on for some time now.  The fanatical followers had employed a total war strategy of fire and death which was not limited to soldiers but extended in full to civilians alike.  Forces from Mythodean Realms, Nations, and Cities marched to Khal'Hatra in an attempt to turn the tide of war against Brandbringer and the followers of Merth'Yar but their efforts have not bared the expected fruit. 


By the grace of King Sir Kerrell Kala'mar of Blackwood and at the wishes and suggestion of Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood and Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle, the East Blackwood Embassy pledged support to Margrave Balor the Red of Zweiwasser on his road to becoming the new Archon of Thorns. In this case that included traveling with Zweiwasser to Khal'Hatra. As guests supporting Balor, the Embassy pledged the support of the Embassy Guard in Balor's, Zweiwasser's and the Realm of Roses endeavors. The Embassy and East Blackwood Company were also there to offer any other support they were able if asked. 

The Realm of Roses, and the Camp of Zweiwasser, were visited by Midnight, an Edalphi of the crown of creation, and was presented with two of Zweiwasser's best fighters by Margrave Balor the Red for her personal viewing in a duel. Balor introduced the East Blackwood Embassy to Midnight as an ally to Zweiwasser during her visit. Shortly after, the Regent of the Realm of Roses, Amir, led Midnight deeper into the camp to introduce her to the rest of the realm and its culture.

The Embassy performed tasks for Margrave Balor when able including purification of corrupted trees within the Court of Bones and the destruction of the expelled Schwares Eis after the purification was complete. On the final day of the campaign, Balor explained the need to form Talisman's with the Sephor'Assi, an elemental tribe of Aqua in order to save Noreen Brandbringer from the corruption of the Schwarzes Eis.  Unfortunately, the task was too late given and the Embassy was not able to complete it in time.  Instead, the Embassy opted to take the field using the talisman's they received from the Naldar so that they would be able to lead some semblance of support to their Mythodean allies and to the elements some of them worshiped, the Ambassador included. That Battle was a success but the struggle to save Noreen was not. 


Upon the late arrival of Ambassador Dagger and Representative Djako, the East Blackwood Embassy ran into some "trouble" on the road into the war camps.  Two wolf-like humanoids, one by the name of Papageno, confronted Dagger, Djako and their guard Varn on the path between the Ambassador's cart and the Münzquell War Camp. They requested, sternly, that Ambassador Dagger deliver their message to Antares of the Münzquell which was that one of the Münzquell had to answer for his transgressions within the forest. Dagger promised to deliver the information and did so shortly after. However, the target recipient of news had already retired for the evening. The Regent of the Münzquell agreed to pass on the information.

Western Seal

As the needs of the embassy continue to grow, so does its need for a personal military force. The Embassy Guard was established to protect and promote the interests of the Embassy and of the Crown. To this end, Ambassador Dagger, Representative Djako and the Embassy Guard met with the Archon of the West on two occasions to discuss the possibility of housing and training the Embassy Guard.  Archon Collin accepted the Ambassador's request which will allow the Embassy Guard to be housed at the Kura'Assil barracks within Grian Quihenya, the Capital of the Western Seal.  Also upon the Archon's suggestions, the Embassy Guard will train with the Kura'Assil under Collin's brother, Conall MacCorribh.  

Later during the campaign, Ambassador Dagger, Representative Djako and the Embassy Guard went to the Kura'Assil camp to meet with and get to know Conell and the Kura'Assil. There, Conell and the Embassy and Guard introduced themselves to one another. Ambassador Dagger presented the Kura'Assil with two marching songs and the Blackwood Lied which was performed by himself and the Embassy Guard. 

Porto Leonis 

During one of the Embassy's visits to the Western Seal War Camp, there was a court marshal of one to two citizens of Porto Leonis who had assaulted a Western Army Scout.  There was no claimed provocation of the attack other than the assaihlents having been paid to do so. The orders and pay came from an alleged captain but as of now, The Ambassador does not have his or her idenity.  A member of Porto Leonis also attempted to have a member of the Embassy Guard poison a member of the Bracar Keltoi. The Ambassador is looking into the details further. 


The spring campaign to Khal’Hatra held its mixes of successes and failures for Mythodea. Some important battles were won while others were lost. The host of forces removed itself from Khal'Hatra a week after its arrival having made a mark but likely not yet turned the tide of war.  The East Blackwood Embassy played its part and will continue to do so as long as there is an Ambassador and an Embassy Guard and the East Blackwood Embassy will continue to work to increase logistical ability and support to the regions of Mythodea to ensure the resources and forces necessary to claim victory are able to reach their destinations.