Mythodea / Wald Templar


Lord Protector Darius, General of the Northern Army

Sir Dagger of Blackwood introduced the East Blackwood Embassy's Lady Anne to Lord Protector Darius at an official gathering honoring the new Lord of the Three Sisters.  Shortly after the three of them made their way to their seats at the high table where the conversations continued.  Lady Anne was later introduced to another Lady Protector of the North. In this time, Darius also allowed time for Dagger to speak with the Archon of the North.

During the evening after the second to last day of the Summer Solstice in Lunorth, Sir Dagger, with the Fae Jinx, attended a birthday celebration for Agnes of the Iron Daggers where Lord Protector Darius was also present.  There in a humorous chat, Lord Darious's ears were insulted and Dagger was forced to write a poem about them later.  That poem has yet to be presented.

Lord Protector Darius offered to have Lady Anne train with him and his people a day later.

During the length of the festivities, Sir Dagger and Lord Protector Darius talked again and again about matter so diplomicy and opinion.  At one point Darius even ventered out into a dangerous wood twice in search of someone thought to have been in danger and later a member of the Embassy Guard who had gone missing, Logaan.