Mythodea / Tross



During this year's Convent of the Elements, the East Blackwood Company met with the Vice Governor of the S.H.G. to discuss matters of trade, partnership and issues with the Kütschergilde.  The S.H.G. received a copy of the New Merit Based System of which they commited themselves to converting in order to better trade through the E.B.Co.  The Vice Governor also gave Sir Dagger some valuble advice for when dealing with the Kütschergilde in the future.


The E.B.Co was originally, and still is to a certain extent, invested in by the Kütschergilde.  These founds were, however, not a charity and thus the company would eventually have to pay the Kütschergilde a return on their investments.  The only issue was that the Kütschergilde do not have the most saviory reputation among the noble courts of Mythodea.  The E.B.Co paid the Kütschergilde but later met with the Kütschergilde to ask them to no longer return to the East Blackwood Company camp in the future.  They would, instead, go to the Kütschergilde and bring Sir William Kütscher's prefered drink, Korn, whenever they went to the Guild in order to make payments and or to do further business.


The master of hte Metwabe (he calls himself the Met Archon) believed that Sir Dagger of Blackwood was corrupted in some way in insisted that the Embassy Guard and S.H.G encircle Sir Dagger, for his and their protection, while he performed analytical magic.   The master of the Metwabe did indeed find something within Sir Dagger that he desired to have removed.  Gideon Klaud was called upon to make sure that happened and later, with the help of a Blutadler Shammeness, the corruption was removed.