Mythodea / The Western Seal

The East Blackwood and Reams Embassy hosted Lady Azela, Baroness Elflama and other sisters of the Banner of Silence alongside the Nyame of the Roses, Neom for a brunch. The day after, East Blackwood escorted the Nyame of Roses from the Realm of Roses war camps to the other main host. There, East Blackwood split up to reach as many people as possible leaving Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Commander Anthem to treat with the Western Seal.

Sir Dagger spoke with the Kura'Assil, thanking them for their continued training of the Embassy Guard. Sir Dagger and Commander Anthem were also later guests at the camp of Xarann and the Waffenmeister where they treated with Waffenmeister Aqua, Tarabas of Que'lar Xarann. While Sir Dagger and Commander Anthem were sitting in the Xarann camp, the Nyame of the West arrived to speak with Tarabas, the Waffenmeister and Xarann about five artifacts resembling wooden blocks with peculiar cuts and that two were still missing. It was then that the Embassy learned that an artifact resembling a piece of wood was both in their possession and very important.