Mythodea / The Northern Seal


Northern SealThe North was lead by Lord Protector Darius, General of the Northern Armies, at the most recent Campaign to the Hohld. The North was camped far from the East Blackwood camp yet still on the first days many managed to visit the Embassy and its connected, "The Salty Stick" mobile tavern. Among those visiting were Lord Protectors, lesser lords and knights. During the first evening, a Royal Hunter of the Undead Flesh snuck into the camp and slashed the throat of a guest who happened to be an Iron Dagger. When Sir Dagger returned to the East Blackwood camp he was met by an angry Sir Raven of the Iron Daggers. Dagger made a private and formal apology and gave him his coin of respect along with a private promise.

On the final day of the campaign into the Hohld, Sir Dagger and Commander Anthem became aware that they were in possession of an important artifact. While scrambling to find a message back to Marik who was manning the East Blackwood camp to inform him to find and secure the artifact, Sir Dagger sent Beria de Eline to receive the artifact and to bring to prepare it for transport. After he came across Lord Protector Darious and explained in part what he thought he had back at camp and that people and been sent to find it. Later, Lady Anna reported that Darious was furious with Sir Dagger for withholding and hiding the artifact. Sir Dagger will write a letter to Lord Protector Darius explaining what happened.