Mythodea / The Northern Seal


Lady Anne meets the Archon of the North

Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau of the East Blackwood Embassy had the opertunity to meet the Archon of the North, Coptar of the Ulumulu (spelling?).  During a conversation at that time the Archon overheard that Lady Anne had never killed anyone.  He asked her if she think she would.  She answered yes after a bit of contemplation.  The Archon followed that up with the question, "would you like to kill anyone in this room?"  She answered that she did not know half the people in the room.

The Archon promptly introduced Lady Anne to all those present in the room he coud find wether she knew them or not and by each one he was ask her, "would you kill this one?" At the end of their journy through the Lunorthy Longhouse the Archon asked Lady Anne if she would kill him.  Lady Anne took a moment to contemplate and then said, "I don't think so."

Sir Dagger speaks with the Archon of the North

During the gathering honoring the elevation and swearing of the new Lord of the Three Sisters as well, Sir Dagger was presented the opertunity by Lord Protector Darius to speak with the Archon to clear up an old fear he had from years prior.  Sir Dagger of Blackwood had been under the impression, for four years, that the Archon had tried to be rid of Dagger for having served under Liandra zu Wolfenau during a time when she had attempted to take the throne of the Nyame.  The Archon Coptar of the Ulumulu (spelling?) had sent Dagger to fight as Viribus Unitas's champion against a champion of the Undead Fleisch.  Dagger had won but was greavely wounded in the fight.

The Archon reasured Sir Dagger that should he ever wish to be rid of Dagger he would tell him.  He promised truth and clear words explaining that that was his way.