Mythodea / The North


Northern Seal:

Iron Daggers:

During the spring campaign, someone stole the Golden Dagger of the Iron Daggers. At this time, Bodvar "BeerHunter" Tock thought it prudent to test the loyalty of Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau und Blackwood. He did this by making it appear as though he had a hand in the theft by telling Anna he did. Anna reported this information to Agnes who has been the rightful holder of the Golden Dagger.

With this information, Sir Raven approached Sir Dagger of Blackwood at the Convent of the Elements. He was angry, understandably so, and accused Bodvar of steeling or of organizing the theft of the Golden Dagger. Sir Dagger, having been there when Agens found the dagger was missing, explained that he did not have all the details but he was sure Bodvar would not do such a thing and that he should talk to Bodvar first to get his side of the story. Later during the Convent of the Elements, Sir Raven, Agnes, Sir Dagger, Lady Anna and Bodvar sat down to speak about the issue.

During the conversation, Bodvar explained what happened. He had never stole the Golden Dagger nor did he attempt to get anyone else to do so. He simply wanted to fulfill a mission order given to him three years ago by Captain Varn of the Embassy Guard to find the Spy within East Blackwood. Since it was Lady Anna who gave the information to Agnes of the Iron Daggers, the implication was that she was the spy. Lady Anna denied being a spy and instead stated it was a moral quandary.

Sir Dagger and Sir Raven brought the conversation back on track; Bodvar had spoken falsehoods, which sent the Iron Daggers searching in the wrong direction for their missing artifact and the person/s responsible. The Iron Daggers lost time on the pointless search as they had been searching in the wrong direction following fake leads. This, Bodvar, agreed was wrong of him. Although no punishment for these actions is yet to be defined, Bodvar did pass on his own lead toward finding the true culprit.

Lord Darius:

During the spring campaign, someone or something attempted to assassinate Lord Protector Darius, the General of the Northern Armies. This attacked happened around the time Bodvar was overheard talking about wanting to hire an assassin to kill Darius. These words were said out of anger and were not something that Darius himself had not said against East Blakcwood but the timing of the attempted assassination lined up to the words spoken. As a result, Darius proclaimed a trade embargo on the "East Blackwood Embassy."

When East Blackwood arrived at Bad Holzbrück for the Convent of the Elements, they knew they had a difficult road ahead of them politically. East Blackwood were persona-non-grate. East Blackwood felt watched but did their best to ignore the posturing while their diplomats worked hard to solve the issues. Firstly, it was explained that Bodvar and East Blackwood had no involvement in the assassination attempt and that the comments were simply a dark coincidence. In the night, the North's soldiers marched into the Validar and East Blackwood camp and left small notes of warning about the tables, shelves, chairs, boxes and other furniture of East Blackwood and Validar.

The next day, Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau and, now, Baron Dagger of East Blackwood met with Lord Protector Darius in the Command Pavilion in the Northern Seal camp. There, the entire negative history between all parties involved was presented and discussed. In the end, it was agreed that speaking such threats was wrong. As of yet, no punishment has been has been presented other than Lady Anna agreeing to travel with the Northern Seal for the Summer Campaign. Lord Darius lifted the embargo at the conclusion of the meeting.