Mythodea / The North


North: Waldtemplar:

Lady Anna's Prospective

When Darius asked Anna how it was going she complained about the first meeting when Balor was calling out for supporters and the first evening issues and after Zweiwasser did not arrive for the meeting.  After this, Lord Darius was seemed as if he was looking for this sort of information to have a reason to act. Lady Anna was disappointed by the situation as well.  Darius told Anna that Dagger means a lot to him but needs to know that some things are just hard with the "wrong" allies.  In conclusion, the North will only accept Validar when they don't see us as a threat which... they sort of do.

However he is more patronymically concerned but has a rather dominant way of showing? Basically he wants to make a statement and play around and test us.

During the Spring Campaign to Kahl'hatra, an assassination attempt was made on Lord Darius of the Northern Seal. The North believe East Blackwood were actually involved.  Lady Anna overheard Diob of the Iron Daggers plotting to protect us as their "frenemies."

Sir Dagger's Prospective

During the Spring Campaign to Kahl'hatra after the failed War Council start, Lord Darius received word of the events that transpired and inclined himself to arrive at the second start of the Kahl'hatran Crusade's War Council.  Sir Dagger stepped out of the meeting to converse with a visibly upset Lord Darius.  Darius proceeded to explain that he was very disappointed by Dagger and that he expected better.  Darius went on to assume that Dagger had been corrupted and or manipulated by Sir Balor the Red which added to his disappointment.  Dagger assured Darius that that was not the case but Darius continued with stating that East Blackwood was wrong for siding with factions which weaken the Seals.  From that night forward, Blackwood's diplomatic status would return to 0 within the North and all respect would have to be earned again. Dagger accepted this and Lord Darius was on his way.

However, the following day brought with it dark news.  A close friend of Corporal BødvarTock from the Northern Seal informed Bødvar that Darius had threatened to leave him for the undead for wearing East Blackwood's heraldry.  Bødvar was furies as this was not the first time Lord Darius had threatened East Blackwood in some way.  He spoke open about wanting to see Darius assassinated but was denied each time he raised the issue.  Bødvar agreed to do nothing at first and to wait until a decision could be made between Sir Dagger, Lady Anna, Master Djako and he. 

An attempt was made however and East Blackwood has been accused of the act.

North: Iron Daggers:

Lady Anna's Prospective

Lady Anna feels  obligated to find Sir Raven's sister after reading a letter delivered by Lady Molly of Zweiwasser on the issue.  Besides that, Sir Raven wants her at his side still when he gets to be the governor- giving suggestions and throwing in suggestions.  Sir Raven promised that the Iron Daggers would drag East Blackwood out of the Kahl'hatra Crusade when East Blackwood are about to die.  To Sir Raven, Sir Balor is no person to respect due to the letter he received from him and also the situation where Sir Balor did not arrive to the first Start of the War Council...

To add to this, Bødvar is in quite a lot of trouble with the Iron Daggers.   Anna thinks she needs to help him out in this area.  He [is believed to have] initiated the stealing of [the Golden] Dagger which is most precious to Iron Daggers and who's theft is punishable by death.

Sir Dagger's Prospective

During the Spring Campaign to Kahl'hatra, the failed first start of the Crusade War Council ruined any immediate chances of earning the aid of the Iron Daggers in the campaign.  Sir Raven was visibly angry and disappointed by the false start of meeting.  Sir Raven did, however, tell Sir Dagger that he if Dagger wanted their help they would deal with East Blackwood only and it would cost a lot.