Mythodea / The Duel with Sir Valdemar Part 1


The Duel with Sir Valdemar Part 1

Two years ago at the Clashing on Armoured Plates Tournament, Dagger faced off in the finals for the single weapon event. Dagger, Liandra zu Wolfenau's personal sword for hire, had decimated the competition the day before while Sir Valdemar had worked his way up barely edging his way through difficult fight after difficult fight. The single weapon was not the only discipline that the two had fought in leading up to the finals on the second day. Dagger had fought through the any-weapon and the weapon and shield disciplines placing himself, not only in the finals for single-weapon but also for the any-weapon. Sir Valdemar had competed in other disciplines as well allowing him to secure a few of the left-over points.

Naturally, a whole day of victories to the crowd's elation was cause to celibate. Dagger was invited to a party at the chaos camp by a lovely Slaaneshi artist. The soldier and sellsword went to the party with a gift and enjoyed a night of drink, fun and otherworldly entertainment... Simply put, Dagger was rather tired the next day and he had also harmed his eyes in the middle of the night. The drink he had drunk had been of considerable volume as well leaving him hardly able to stand let alone fight the next day. Of course, Sir Valdemar did not have these issues. No Sir Valdemar had gotten himself an early night's rest and was as fit as a man could be the following morn.

Dagger Stumbled onto the field just before he was to take on the valiant, yet celibate, Sir Valdemar. Sir Valdemar took the field wearing a red surcoat over freshly-shined plate armor, emblazoned with three golden lions. Dagger... Dagger stumbled onto the field wearing the scraps of armor he owned with his eyes partly covered, an injured knee and the worst headache a person could possibly have...

Dagger staggered a few steps before touching blades to start the final bought of the single weapon event. Steel clashed against steel, slashes were dodged, thrusts were parried and yet risks taken. The final was a first to six hits and Dagger was 2 to 2 against the Knight of the Three Lions. Every time Dagger had attempted to strike the knight, the knight seemed to have an answer. When finally Dagger attempted to duck his sword under Sir Valdemar's blade for a feinted strick he learned the dreaded truth! Sir Valdemar was left-handed...

2 to 3. Dagger stood now one point behind with half an eye blind. The solder, the mercenary had taken half the fight to work out that his opponent, the bragging duelist Sir Valdemar, had been, that whole time, fighting with his left hand. If not for the drink having already done it, that knowledge would have turned Dagger's world upside down. Yet that was the moment where Dagger had to turn the fight around, somehow. He knew what to do. He would move to Sir Valdemar's left and target the knight's sword arm. 3 to 4.

Dagger pressed but as he did the Knight, the very sober and clear-headed, well-fed and prepared Sir Valdemar timed his own hits to land when Dagger delivered his. The knight needed only to maintain a one-point lead to win. And so he did with the aid of one of the marshals of the duel who acted as though he had not seen one of Dagger's blows land. The marshal hated Dagger of course. 4 to 5.

Now, this story continues in the most epic of ways. Sir Valdemar was, of course, no fool. He knew the threat before him even in its weakened less sober state. Sir Valdemar was also a prideful man and would not have his honor besmirched by a dirty sell-sword such as Dagger of Blackwood.

...But to hear the rest of that story, you will have to find East Blackwood during their travels. Varn of CrestGrath, Dagger of Blackwood and the rest of the retinue will be happy to tell you the very true story of the Duel with Sir Valdemar, in song.

To Be Continued...