Mythodea / Terra Tunnel Gate and Celebration


For almost a month, last winter, a band of around 100 people united together to protect, transport and plant a Seedling culminating in a ritual to open a NEW Terra Tunnel gateway due West of Schönweiler in the Realm of Roses. That mission, though fret with hardships, was a success. Stordon von Zackenberg and the Malaka're had requested the aid of followers, friends and allies of Terra on that mission at the start of winter. The journey, fraught with hunger and difficulties, led the band on a journey from Shan Meng-Feyn and down the Blue River through the various river fiefdoms of the Realms finishing West of Schönweiler.

On the 22nd into the 23rd day of the mission, many of the camps gathered celebrated the triumph with drink, good conversation and song. The East Blackwood Camp hosted one of these gatherings.

Terra Tunnel Celebration

To celebrate the hard victory in establishing a new Terra Tunnel Gateway near Schönweiler, the various camps of the band hosted their own private and or public gatherings. One of the larger gatherings was hosted by the East Blackwood Company. To commemorate the success, Stordan von Zackenberg and the Malaka're presented those present with a medallion. Those who wear it will do so with the pride of recognition for this feat in harsh times.