Mythodea / Summer Solstice


Germany: The City of Copperdale is host to the HQ of the East Blackwood Company. As such, the surrounding district also houses many of the company's assets. Unfortunately, due to missions and duties elsewhere, not enough focus has been spent on the region in recent years.  With a few missions in tow, Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Cae, Acting Champion of the Guard are leading a small contingent of East Blackwood North the Northern Seal Protectorate of Lunorth of the Summer Solstice.

Dearest amazing and very missed Mythodea LARPers!

Should Conquest be cancelled we've decided to have a backup event, namely Summer Solstice - The Three Sisters, the 4th to 8th of august 2021 at Jels Viking Settlement.In the light of Covid-19 and the many cancellations of this years events the undeniable fact that we miss each other, as well as LARP, we've decided to once again make this event. It'll be done by the same premise as last year. And of course will require that the government will allow for such a gathering. Which it looks like they will.The event is for a maximum of 200 participants and a minimum of 75 participants. There'll be no Forsaken at the event. And no large plots.The tournament will be delegated to different player groups, and each group is in charge of their discipline. This means that they will make sure to find judges and writing down participant.

it'll then be up to you as players to win as many disciplines as possible in order to go dow in history as Summer Solstice Champion.We hope to create a lot of stories to be told in Mythodea in future events.The ticket sales are open!

Summer Solstice - The Three Sisters

4. Aug. um 16:00 UTC+02 - 8. Aug. um 01:00 UTC+02

Jels Vikingeby

Tickets are available here: