Mythodea / Summer Campaign


In 17 Jahre n.d.E., the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy deployed to the ruined city of  Methraton Thul to lend support to both Margrave Balor the Red of Zweiwasser and the Western Seal and to secure relations and lines of trade throughout Mythodea for the future.  East Blackwood contributed a lot this year to the war effort.  Eridan Swiftblade became Eridan Crabsbane when he killed the Crab of the pestilence in a duel.  Eridan and Reginald fought in the arena for Ignis and earned powered stones from the temple next to it which were helpful in a number of areas.  Duke Beria gathered a team and mapped the catacombs under Methraton Thul.  Most importantly, East Blackwood was the fist of shields that parted the seas of allies and enemy alike making way for Balor and the aspect representatives to kill the Episcorpa. 


Realm of Roses

Margrave Balor Zweiwasser

Earlier in the year, the Kingdom of Blackwood's representatives in Mythodea pledged support to Margrave Balor the Red of Zweiwasser.  Part of that support was provided during this year's Summer Campaign. 

Commander Anthem and Captain Varn brought the Embassy Guard to the Zweiwasser camp to offer East Blackwood's support to Balor the Red.  Reginald and Eridan of the Embassy Guard took up missions fighting in the Ignis Temple Arena where they earned powered stones.  Those stones were instrumental in countless other tasks throughout Methraton Thul during the Campaign.  Eridan's efforts also led him to become a champion where he eventually became one of the five warriors who would face the Crab of the Pestilence in the arena in a duel to the death.  Eridan was successful in slaying the beast but only after Balor was injured, two champions of the Realm of Roses fell and Flamebrood Cordovon of the Blutpackt Flamebrood was ordered not to fight by his High King.  More on this story below.

Commander Anthem and Captain Varn were later asked by Margrave Balor to be his shield when he went onto the fields surrounding Methraton Thul to hunt the Episcorpa.  When the time came, Captain Varn formed a fist of shields out of East Blackwood, Zweiwasser and the BlutWall and led the line while Anthem directed from behind mainly focusing on dangers that would assault the line from the sides.  East Blackwood under Anthem and Varn's direction brought Balor and the other aspect representatives to Episcorpa where they were finally able to fell her in combat.  More on this story below.

East Blackwood spent two days during the campaign to Methraton Thul directly supporting Margrave Balor the Red, Flamebrood on his missions and on missions where Balor himself could not personally take part.  

Balor for Archon of Thorns! 

Western Seal

Kura'Assil and the West

During the Spring Campaign to Kahl'hatra, Ambassador Dagger and the Embassy Guard met with Connel, now Prince Connel of the West, and the Kura'assil to discuss their future training plans. The Embassy Guard would soon be barracked in the same part of the capital city of the Western Seal, Grian Quihenya, as the Kura'assil.  Between the Spring and Summer Campaigns, the East Blackwood Company had a mission that required the full force of the Embassy Guard elsewhere meaning this training had yet to take place.  So, during the Summer Campaign, the Embassy Guard made sure to speak with and support both the Kura'Assil and the Western Seal.

By chance, on the day that six warriors of the Embassy Guard including the Ambassador himself had visited the Western camps, a mission back to the lands of the West was announced.  A new enemy had begun ravaging the coasts of the Western Seal, the Skargen.  The West, their allies and the Blutpackt would embark on a mission to stop them.  With the support of the Nyame of the West, some four hundred and fifty fighting men and women were able to pass through a large Aeris Portal into the West and with the strength of the High Priestess of the Naldar the host would be able to return.

East Blackwood formed up with only six but six was better than nothing.  Commander Anthem, Captain Varn, Ambassador Dagger, Reginald, Annabel, and Beria took to the line.  In the initial charge, Varn was heavily injured as he had not been sufficiently prepared for the battle beforehand.  Then, the entire right flank of the allied battle line broke when facing the might of the Skargen army.  That left the five remaining fighters of East Blackwood at the far right. Soldiers of the support ranks behind the front line moved to hold the right long enough to allow the mainlines to reform.  During that action, Reginald was also heavily injured.  Dagger sent Reginald to find a healer and fell back with the Western Line.

As the battle continued to progress, the allied line fell further and further back until its broken remains held a slightly raised ridge of trees.  The trees seemed to help fill in the gaps but even then Dagger found himself on the front with only one other warrior between two trees were twenty could have fit.  The Ambassador was also not very healthy as he too had sustained heavy injuries as he fell back.  Commander Anthem's healing potions were the only thing keeping the old soldier in the fight.

Eventually, Reginald was strong enough to rejoin the battle.  Around this time, Commander Anthem ran out of arrows and decided to run down a line of Skargen archers on his own.  He cut several down before returning to the line.  At one point the Skargen attempted to take Ambassador Dagger for his blood.  Dagger fought a duel against a Skargen warrior, won and attempted to capture the fallen but failed without needed aid to drag the body back.

The Western Marshal, Theo, gathered the remaining strength of the West and performed a flanking action from the left which caught the Skargen off guard and quickly rolled them up winning the battle in favor of the West.  With that, the allied force limped back through the portal to their respective war camps.  East Blackwood stayed with the West for a while licking their wounds before they too returned to their Camp.

The Banner of Silence

Though the attempt had been made to present gifts and words to the Banner of Silence earlier during the campaign, Ambassador Dagger had not managed to find the Baroness Eflama de Boisvert in her own camp.  Instead, he found her at the end of the campaign in the war camp Viribus Unitas of the North.  Ambassador Dagger and Commander Anthem de Vigil presented her with two gifts.

Blackwood Token:  The first gift presented was the promise of aid and support on behalf of the Kingdom of Blackwood for her and her people.  The token that was gifted represented that promise.  Ambassador Dagger will explain that promise to the King of Blackwood at his wedding in a little over a month's time. 

Coin of the Realm 997:  To thank the baroness for her support and friendship and as a show of high respect, Ambassador Dagger gifted Baroness Eflama de Boisvert the Coin of the Realm 997.  Dagger uses the coin as a gift to those he respects the most and as a thank you for their work, support, friendship, and family.

Free Cities and Märkischer Bund
Wedding of Xykara Jamen AlDuara Alfannan and Selim Achat al Dahab Duacha al`fanan of the Künstlergilde

Ambassador Dagger was invited to the Wedding of Xykara Jamen AlDuara Alfannan and Sven of the Künstlergilde during this year's summer campaign in Mythodea. Although there was business to be had with the Künstlergilde, Ambassador Dagger and East Blackwood Embassy attended as invited guests of the wedding. The wedding itself had to be missed due to prior engagements but the East Blackwood procession was present for the reception after.

To commemorate the union, the Embassy opted to sing songs for the newlywed couple. To connect the evening with the target of the prior engagement, the Embassy sang the song "Anthem and the Ladder." East Blackwood enjoyed an hour or so of the festivities before eventually returning to their camp for the night. 

Märkischer Bund

Through the friendship of Commander Anthem and through being located in the Aufbruch, Lorenzo di Cusano of the Märkischer Bund spent a lot of time at the East Blackwood camp during the Summer Campaign.  Toward the end of the campaign, Lorenzo di Cusano returned to the camp with a list and offered Blackwood land within the Märkischer Bund. The offer seemed abrupt and made little sense to the Embassy. Lorenzo di Cusano Explained that he and Noam had been the first to fully explore the land years ago and were instrumental in the founding of the Freyenmark. The leader of the mercenaries camp, Sturmhart Eisenkeil, took control of the new land after its founding and was named Principal of the Freyenmark.

During Sturmhart's reign, Noam and Lorenzo were eventually pushed out of their own home. After Sturmhart's execution for treason and crimes against Mythodea a few years ago, the Freyenmark slowly disbanded. The remainder of its inhabitants reformed the land renaming it the Märkischer Bund. Noam and Lorenzo were once again welcome to return home. 

 Due to their history as having founded the region years ago, Noam and Lorenzo were granted the lands of Scholle Trollfels however they were in need of settlers. As the Kingdom of Blackwood and the East Blackwood Company were also looking to settle land for the production of resources, it made sense to agree to such a deal if there were not specific bonds and or strings attached. With the stipulation that there would be no special stipulations, Ambassador Dagger of Blackwood signed Lorenzo di Cusano' Trollfels charter.


River Trade in the Realm of Roses

The East Blackwood Company continues to attempt to improve their trade incomes on the Blauersturm River within the Realm of Roses. Dagger met with a merchant from Schönweiler to speak about trade possibilities. The E.B.Co also spoke with the Jarnsfolk from further up the river in Zweiwasser about furthering their trade relationship. An agreement was made concerning support for the Salty Stick Tavern which is being constructed on the Black Pier just south of Drachenbruch, Zweiwasser.



Throughout the latter half of the Summer Campaign, East Blackwood continued to visit the Zweiwasser Camp and offer their support. On the final day of the campaign, East Blackwood was asked to support Balor directly when he took the field once more to hunt Episcorpa. Eager to provide the promised support, Commander Anthem and Captain Varn agreed. When the time came, Anthem, Varn, Dagger, Eridan, Medina, Annabel, Beria and Reginald formed up with three warriors of the Blutwall behind the Discoveror's Banner palisade and waited for the arrival of Margrave Balor the Red.

When Balor arrived, Antonias of the Realm of Roses explained the mission plan to Commander Anthem and Captain Varn. Blackwood would form the main shield wall with the support of the Jarnsfolk which would serve to hide the representatives of the aspects and the elementally charged weapons and their wielders which were on hand. Blackwood was to move slowly up the field with their shields locked, never breaking. Once close enough, the shields would part just enough to allow the representatives of the aspects, such as Balor and Sylvana, and the elemental weapons through to fight Episcorpa and hopefully destroy her for good. Blackwood was charged with getting Balor, the aspects and the weapons to Episcorpa safely and protecting them from other enemies while they fought.

East Blackwood, the Blutwall and the Jarnsfolk pushed up the field of battle fighting their way through slowly until the reached Episcorpa's last line of defense, the Loyals of the Undeadflesh. The mission coordinator asked Captain Varn if East Blackwood was strong enough to push through the knights of the undead flesh. His response, "we can try." And try they did.

Though some of the shields of the wall were heavily damaged, the line indeed managed to push through. As they did the call came from the rear to let the aspects and weapons through. Balor, Sylvana Waffenmeisterin Ignis and the other representatives of the aspects and weapon wielders pushed through to Episcorpa felling the priests around her. The fight to destroy Episcorpa raged on while the fist of shields who got them there fought to handle other threats while avoiding siege weapon fire.  Undead Flesh and Skargen would continue to threaten the champions who faced Episcorpa but Blackwood, the Blutwall and the Jarnsfolk managed to keep the majority of those threats at bay.  Finally, Episcorpa was struck down and died in a cloud of billowing-black smoke.  Balor was victorious.


As the challenges in the arena and at the Ignis Temple continued, Eridan Swiftblade eventually became one of the five champions who would face the great-crab beast of the Pestilence. Balor was also among those warriors. Margrave Balor was the first to fight.  He fought well but sustained heavy injuries for his efforts and did not manage to kill the crab. The next two warriors that followed, Morisca and Hablo of the Realm of Roses, fell fighting and shall be remembered for their bravery and heroism. After Morisca and Hablo’s honorable sacrifice, Cordovon, who should have been the fourth champion, withdrew from his duel upon the orders of his high king. This caused tension between the Realm of Roses and the Blutpakt, part of which played out at the arena, but there was still a beast to be put to rest and now only one champion left to do it.

That left Eridan Swiftblade, the Champion of the Embassy Guard, as the fifth and final challenger. If he failed then the Pestilence Crab would live and continue to tear into the people of Mythodea for years to come.  Ambassador Dagger spoke to him privately offering some final words of encouragement just before his champion took to the sands of the arena.  Eridan took the field and those gathered cheered their support. With a great-war hammer in hand, Eridan danced around the crab as if he were a man fifteen years his junior.

Eridan rained hammer blows down on the dreaded beast until the fight finally left it.  A cheer erupted after in support of Eridan and as a cry of victory.  The herald announced that Eridan had entered the duel as Eridan Swiftblade but from that day forward would be forever known as Eridan Crabsbane.  For the duration of the campaign, when Eridan walked by those who knew of the deed they bowed in respect or cheered his name, Crabsbane, Crabsbane, Crabsbane!

Catacombs of Methraton Thul

Graf Beria de Eline of Dalag’Nor, Merchant of the East Blackwood Company and, by chance of signature, Guardsman of the Embassy Guard gathered a team to enter the catacombs of Methraton Thul. Beria’s team managed to completely map the first and second levels of the catacombs properly and efficiently before anyone else could.  For his efforts, a lady of the East arrived at the East Blackwood Camp later during the campaign to thank Beria for his efforts.

Champions for the Arena

Ambassador Dagger sent Commander Anthem and Captain Varn with the Embassy Guard to offer support to Balor.  After fighters were sent to the arena at the Temple of Ignis where warriors fought and earned stones of power which were vital to several missions around the ruined city where the armies of the Elements made their camps. Eridan Swiftblade, the Champion of the Guard, and Reginald of the Embassy Guard both participated in earning several stones throughout the day.  

Thank you Anthem

During the Summer Campaign to Methraton Thul, Ambassador Dagger, East Blackwood, the Fjordstädte Bund, and the Aufbruch hosted a special party in Anthem’s name.  The gathering was to thank Commander Anthem for his loyalties, years of service, friendship, and brotherhood.  During the party, Anthem was presented with a song written about him, a Coin of the Realm, many other gifts as well as a dancing bard troupe.  Anthem is not a heavy drinker.  He tends to enjoy his alcohol rather than consume it in mass.  This party was different.  This celebration encouraged the less responsible side of the Guard Commander to come out and enjoy itself.  

Anthem and the Ladder

He can string a bow of five hundred pounds

and knock and draw a hundred rounds

He can shoot a flee, from a thousand feet

Just take away that ladder

Yes, he finally found a reason

He would need to excuse

He's got these splinters in his hands

It's like tying a noose

Yes, he finally found a reason

he would need to excuse

He's got these splinters in his hands

It's like typing a noose

Tyling a noose

He can take ten yards, of cow hide

Cut it into shields of a laminar size

Tie it together and form a coat of leather

Be sure you hide that ladder

Yes, he finally found a reason

He would need to excuse

He's got these splinters in his hands

It's like tying a noose

Yes, he finally found a reason

he would need to excuse

He's got these splinters in his hands

It's like typing a noose

Tyling a noose

He can cut a base of herbs, with sharpened knives

One mistake and you’re bound to get hives

He can mix and brew, an apothic stew

But don’t you show him that ladder

Yes, he finally found a reason

He would need to excuse

He's got these splinters in his hands

It's like tying a noose

Yes, he finally found a reason

he would need to excuse

He's got these splinters in his hands

It's like typing a noose

Tyling a noose

He can take a hammer to a battered thing

Bring the steel down, let the anvil sing

He can take a maul to repair it all

Just don't you build a ladder

Yes, he finally found a reason

He would need to excuse

He's got these splinters in his hands

It's like tying a noose

Yes, he finally found a reason

he would need to excuse

He's got these splinters in his hands

It's like typing a noose

Tying a noose

Don't you show him that ladder


Champion of the Guard

Ambassador Dagger and Representative Djako hosted the first Champion of the Guard Tournament to decide the first Champion of the Guard.  The Champion of the Guard would be an honorary title that would lock the guardsman or woman into Guard service for a year but it also offered a champion's purse, a high earnings rate and the responsibility of training other Guard members to help improve the guard's overall martial skill.

Eleven warriors took to the grassy knoll before the East Blackwood and Realms camp in the city of Methraton Thul where they participated in three combat disciplines.  Round One was a single weapon.  Round Two was "weapon and shield." Round three was any weapon combo.  Warriors had their names drawn from a helm to decide matchups.  At the end of each round, points were awarded for first second and third place. The top four point earners were invited back for a fourth-round to decide who the Champion of the Guard would be. 


Single Weapon

Eridan defeated Reginald to take first place in the Single Weapon

Weapon and Shield

Reginald defeated Beria for first place in the Weapon and Shield

Any Weapon

Anthem defeated Einar pushing Einar into third and then defeated Byr for first. 


Anthem defeated Beria to earn his spot in the semi-final.  That placed Anthem, Byr, Reginald, and Eridan in that event. Eridan defeated Reginald moving to the Final and Anthem defeated Byr moving to the Final to decide the Champion of the Guard.  At the end of the Semi-Final, Reginald fought Byr and won for third in the overall Champion of the Guard Tournament.


The final two warriors to compete for the title of Champion of the Guard were Anthem and Eridan.  Eridan fought with a sword and shield while Anthem fought with a halberd, buckler and throwing knife.  For the final, there was a call for bets.  All but one person who placed a bet on Anthem.  Ambassador Dagger bet on Eridan. After the bets were placed, the Final took place. 


After a grueling competition, Eridan Swiftblade was named, Champion of the Guard.  To that end, he was granted a soap from the Tournament’s Sponsor. He was also given the champion’s blade and, after the Ambassador collected the bets, a champion’s purse.  Second place, Anthem, and Third Place, Reginald. 

Your new Champion of the Guard, Eridan Swiftblade!