Mythodea / Southern Seal


East Blackwood requested to be guests of the Southern Seal for the Convent of the Elements and were accepted.  At the start of the Convent, East Blackwood presented themselves before the Court of the Golden Realm announcing who they were and what they had to offer the South during their short stay; this included the presentation of the new Merit Based System.  Although attempts were made, headway in matters of diplomacy and or trade were difficult for various reasons.   The largest of reasons was that the master of coin was not present and both the Archon and Nyame were busy the majority of the Convent with matters of state. 

In spite of this, East Blackwood brought as much life as they could to the Southern Seal.  They often sat with the court, sang and talked and on the second night they hosted the East Blackwood Gambling and Games event which dominated the Court and East Blackwood camps for the night.

Also important at the Camp of the Southern Seal were the naming of a new Naches'Re, Alexei and the naming of a new sworn settler of the Southern Seal, Mae. Bellow is Mae's story:

Due to Mae's camp having a close proximity to the Southern Seal, being that it was just behind the East Blackwood Camp, Mae quickly made friends with the squire Heinrich Hellendorn and the archon's personal healer, scribe and confidante, Arya.  He asked Arya, when she finds the time, to go to dance class with him.  Although she was reluctant as a member of Terra, he managed to soften her up and get her to agree.  During the dance exercises on the third day of the convention,  Arya and Mae had a lot of fun, so she invited him to the Beltane, a celebration of summer and fertility in the evening.  At the Beltane, Arya quickly and firmly asked Mae to jump through the fires with her to receive the blessing.  Rumor had it that Earraine, ruler of the Fae of the Summer Court, had her fingers in the pie.  The Beltane ended with music and dancing and segued seamlessly into the skalds' evening, where Arya and Mae grew closer.

The following days Mae was quizzed by the Archon of the South and Earraine respectively about his intentions with Arya, and who he is, and what he is up to on Mythodea.  At the ball in the evening, Mae also danced Arya again, which astonished many from the South.  Otherwise she was never so happy and light on her feet.  At the Festival of Lights of the Edalphi, Mae realized that he should do more for Mythodea so that all the beings he laughed and drank with could continue to be happy.  The good times always build on long periods of hardship and pain, and he realized that if he wanted to fight for better times, he would have to carry that with him. The last day of the convention was marked for Mae by an examination of Terra by Arya, in which he was able to support her. 

They continued to spend the day together and strengthened their relationship in the evening, Mae had another conversation with the Archon and confessed that he would like to stay on the continent to help the beings be happier and to stay with Arya.  The Archon and Nyame then called the South to the table for Mae to confirm his intentions in front of witnesses and officially ask to be accepted in the South.  The Archon and Nyame gave their blessing, and now all that is missing is the oath on the South's decree, on the last night of the summer campaign.