Mythodea / Sommer Feldzug Recap by Dagger


In 16 Jahre n.d.E., the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy deployed to the Island of the World Forge to aid in the war and secure relations and lines of trade for the future.

East Blackwood and Realms Embassy

The Embassy accomplished many of its objectives during the Summer Campaign to the World Forge 16 Jahre n.d.E (2018). Here is a list of a few of them:

  1. Recruited young soldiers for the guard from the Family Quarter, trained with them and brought them to battle. One such soldier was port of a ritual to kill a Ration Herold.
  2. Recruited Argon Grauwolf. During the final battle of the campaign, Grauwolf wore the Embassy's colors when fighting a duel against noble of the Undead Flesh. The Embassy Guard was there to support him.
  3. Hired Gabrial for use in diplomatic missions and as a member of the guard during the final battle of the campaign.
  4. Participated in battles and somewhere Dagger championed for Viribus Unitas against champions of the Undead Flesh.
  5. Baroness Sayeh worked on relations within the Realm of Roses, namely Zweiwasser.
  6. Delivered the Formal Apologies to the Ladies of the West and East.
  7. Spoke on behalf of the Münzquell to the On-Duty officers of the North.
  8. Introduced Baroness Sayeh of Sapphire Isle to Archons, Nyames and other peoples of status and title.
  9. Attended a wedding between the now new Protector of Lunorth and his bride the Inquisitor of the Order of the Black Sun as invited Guests. Gifts were then given creating lasting friendships between parties present.
  10. Signed the Embassy Contract with the West granting the Embassy aa physical and proper Embassy within Mythodea.

Don Anthem De'Vigil del HORD's Quest

While Dagger was resting in the field hospital near the Viribus Unitas main gate, an officer of the North rush by asking for an Alchemist. The Viribus Unitas camp was mostly empty at that time but Ambassador Dagger knew of an alchemist who happened to work for the embassy. Dagger pointed the officer toward the Embassy camp instructing him to tell Anthem Ambassador Dagger sent him and that if Anthem did a good job, he would get a bonus. Anthem took this mission.

The story of the mission as told by Adalbert the Blacksmith:

"Anthem assisted Adalbert the Blacksmith to re-forge the "Spear of Eternity." His potions, acids and other alchemical ingredients were what I needed to reshape the spear. After that, the spear was tied to 5 people, who fought Shey Ksun'Arett with it at the studio. Before the last lethal blow could be made, she teleported away. Shey tried to reach Kelriothar (the Mirror World). However, because the mirror world was already completely destroyed, she landed in the rubble of the World Forge. So, we set up a hunting party and followed her. I can say with pride that it was me who found her. Then she was killed after a bitter fight with the spearman who was tied to the "Spear of Eternity."" - Adalbert

Requiem for Shey ksun Aret

East Blackwood Company

While the Embassy's achievements as a station of diplomatic relations may not produce endless results the East Blackwood Company tends to pick up whatever slack is left behind furthering the goals of the Embassy. Here is a list of some of the things the E.B.Co. did during this year's Summer Campaign:

  1. Pan Mythodean Trade Summit where the E.B.Co represented Lunorth in trade. The E.B.Co was also recognized by Raul the Master of Coin of the Realm of Roses for its work on the Great Road from Schönweiler in the Realm of Roses to the West.
  2. Created potential business partners in the North and with Trade House Al Habib.
  3. Insured that the Terra Tunnel Invoices would be paid by the Trossmeisterei.
  4. Delivered an invoice and gift to Terras O'Grady Windschreiter, Master of the Hanse.
  5. Met with a minister of Ad Astra to discuss potential trade within the Free City Ad Astra holds.
  6. Discussed road work and the completion of the project with the Chancellor of Zweiwasser.
  7. Delivered the great road invoice to Raul the Realm of Roses Master of Coin.
  8. Discussed the River Trade Deal with Lord Stordon von Zackenburg.
  9. Worked in trade on behalf of Lunorth working potential future deals.
  10. Discussed plans with Terras Master of the Hanse to renegotiate the contract between the Hanse and the East Blackwood Company. A possible equal partnership is in the works.