Mythodea / Sapphire House - Nova Bretonia


After the fall campaign to Moringaard, East Blackwood returned to Mythodea through ports in the Western Seal; their first stop was the East Blackwood and Realms Embassy in Grain Qui'henya itself.  From there the decision was made to head north to the Western fiefdom of Nova Bretonia where they would see, for first time for most, Sapphire House which had been gifted to the Embassy by Princess Gérianne and Rii Isenden of Nova Bretonia.  There they received an unexpected guest and because of this guest the decision was made to hold Blackwood Court for the first time in Mythodea.

Arrival at Sapphire House

Ambassador Sir Dagger of Blackwood, Djako Kaevh, Captain Varn, Annabel and Bødwar arrived at Sapphire House the night before Makø Tock and Logan of Nova Bretonia were expected to arrive. The large house had already been partially furnished and decorated when Lady Sayeh of Saphire Isle visited it the first. Sir Dagger and Bødwar set up a Terra shrine in the available space and the party went to sleep early.

Ceallach of the O'Annid Arrives

As the house broke it's fast that morning, Ceallach of the O'Annid arrived vociferously making his entrance. After the events of Moringaard, Cai was a welcome sight.  Ceallach was shown to a guest room and given free reign of the house.

Princess Gérianne and the Nova Bretonians Arrive

Not long after the arrival of the somewhat exlected Cai, another knock came to the doors of Sapphire House.  The Ambassador had expected Makø Tock and Logan of Nova Bretonia but they had an unexpected guest leading them. Lady Gérianne, the Princess of Nova Bretonia, stepped through the entryway and into Saphire House.  East Blackwood bowed in greating and had her personal effects brought to the best of the house's rooms.  The princess was given a seat dressed in furs across from Sir Dagger and Djako's.

Blackwood Court - Promotions to Corporal

Due to the unexpected arrival of the Princess of Nova Bretonia, Sir Dagger thought it best to hold Blackwood Court, which, up until that point, had never been done in Mythodea before.  After all, there were a few items if business which Ambassador Sir Dagger, Representative Djako and Captain Varn wished to present.

First, Captain Varn was called forward to Promote Annabel of the Embassy Guard first then Bødwar of the same to the rank of Corporal. Corporal is a position of leadership and responsibility within the Embassy Guard below the rank of Captain or Captain Rate.

Blackwood Court - New Master Merchant

Since the establishment of the East Blackwood Company three years prior, Ambassador Dagger has been the only member of the trade group holding the right to seal official documents with Company seal effectively making him the only person capable of finalizing important E.B.Co contracts. During the Blackwood Court at Sapphire House that changed.

Djako Kaevh of Alonis and the Trade Family Kaevh was named Master Merchant, of which only one position currently exists within the East Blackwood Company.  Now, Djako can replace Sir Dagger in all trade matters should he see fit effectively doubling the company's growth potential.

Blackwood Court - Schwarzheim

While at the embassy in Grian Quihenya, Sir Dagger and Lady Sayeh received a document from the Margravat of Zweiwasser in the Realm of Roses.  Dagger reviewed the document before bringing with him to Sapphire House in Nova Bretonia.  There, at the height of Blackwood Court, he decided to present it before those gathered.  It was the first time anyone else had read or seen it save for Sir Dagger and the document's writers and signatory.

The document granted the land on the south end of the City of Drachenbrück to the East Blackwood Company. The land will become part of the Drachenbrück as a new district which shall be known as Schwarzheim.  This is of course a much needed gift from his Lordship the Margrave Balor the Red and is something the Embassy and Company are considerably proud of.

Ceallach of the O'Annid, Acting Champion of the Guard

Ceallach of the O'Annid, the First Spear of Dal Riada and Aire éachta céatcathach from the bloodline of the Macha Mong Ruad, Sperrach Carden and Slayer of the Wheat-People had come from the same campaign in Moringaard where the East Blackwood Company had just returned from.  There, he had saved the Embassy Guard and the Embassy's diplomats, including Sir Dagger the Ambassador, from certain death at the hands of orc clans.  Cai and Dagger had known each other for a few years up to this point originally meeting while marooned on the northern island of Botempel.  There, Cai had introduced the then new Ambassador of Blackwood and Leader of the fledgling East Blackwood Company to Sir William Kütscher who has since become an important business partner to the E.B.Co.  Ceallach had also delivered an important letter on behalf of the E.B.Co in the Northern Seal of Mythodea. 

Through Cai's many contacts and style of diplomacy, the Aire éachta céatcathach was someone the E.B.Co had  wanted to earn as member for some time.  Cai, well aware of this fact and never having fully said no, decided to visit with the Embassy and Company during a break in campaigning elsewhere. 

At Sapphire House, Ceallach met with Sir Dagger, Djako Kaevh and, the present members of the Embassy Guard to negotiate a contract with East Blackwood.  After providing Cai with most of what he asked for, the Aire éachta céatcathach proposed that he take over the position of Champion of the Guard as a temporary replacement for Eridan Crabsbane, known now to some as Eridan Oathbreaker. Cai had been the person who had initially sent Eridan to Ambassador Dagger and therefore he felt it was a personal mark on his honor when Eridan left the Embassy Guard while still being its champion.  

Ceallach asked that all of East Blackwood present be in agreement if he were to join under the position of champion until such a time as a new champion's tournament could he held. East Blackwood was in unanimous agreement accepting Ceallach of the O'Annid as their new champion.

Princess Gérianne and the Nova Bretonians

Makø Tock had expressed interest in working for East Blackwood prior to her arrival with Logaan.  What was not expected was the pressence of Princess Gérianne of Nova Bretonia who added a complicated layer to any contractual negotiations between Makø, Logaan and East Blackwood.  To add further nuance to the situation, it had become apparent that perhaps the Embassy Guard Bødwar and Makø Tock would wish to be married in the future.  These points were discussed in negotiations throughout the day and evening.


On the subject if marriage Princess Gérianne had a lot to say in conjunction with Makø becoming a diplomat of The Kingdom of Blackwood and a member of the East Blackwood Company.  Gérianne proclaimed that should Bødwar marry Makø and he not already be a citizen of Blackwood, the he would have to become a citizen of Nova Bretonia and swear to their Rii, Isenden.  If, however, Bødwar already possessed citizenship of Blackwood at the time of the wedding then he would gain citizenship of Nova Bretonia but the question of loyalty would still hang in the air. The third and final option presented was that Blackwood could pay a dowry and the question of loyalty would not exist.

After a private conversation with Bødwar, the decision was made that the wedding would be postponed and that when the wedding took place, Sir Dagger would pay the dowry.  With that business taken care off, the princess agreed to allow notations to precede.

Deputy Makø Tock:

Makø Tock agreed to a position as Deputy Representative of the Kingdom of Blackwood in the role as liason to Nova Bretonia and Master of House of Sapphire House.  Further discussions of how she could contract to the East Blackwood Company are ongoing.

Embassy Guard Logaan:

In conjunction with the concluded deal concerning Makø Tock, Logaan of Nova Bretonia was given a contract as an Embassy Guard where his primary place of duty would be Sapphire House.

Portal to the Ancient World Opens Again

During the meeting at Sapphire House in Triskel, East Blackwood and Nova Bretonia became aware of the opening of the portal to the ancient world through the pendant Sir Dagger wore.  The pendant had been gifted to the ambassador at the conclusion of the Nova Bretonian campaign into the Ancient World where Dagger had saved the life of Rii Isenden and helped to open the portal to bring East Blackwood, Ragnorock, The Banner of Silence and, Nova Bretonia home to the Western Seal of Mythodea.  It was part of the gift of Sapphire House which had also been given to East Blackwood as a thank you for all of the work and sacrifice Sir Dagger, Captain Varn, Eridan, Bødwar, Medina and Annabel had performed.  With the portal open, new friends of Blackwood and The Realms were once again in trouble.

At the conclusion of the gathering Sir Dagger, Captain Varn and Representative Djako Kaevh agreed to provide support in the upcoming trouble that would no doubt come to Nova Bretonia.