Mythodea / Reich der Rosen


East Blackwood and leaders of the Crusade of the Elements made regular contact with the Realm of Roses during the most recent campaign to Kahl'hatra. The main theme of the meetings with the Court of Roses and Thorns was that of the Crusade, its supply and supply lines. Master Djako Kaevh met regularly with Raul, the Master of Coin of the Roses, to discuss taxes, trade and transport rights.

Leaders from the Court of Roses and Thorns were also invited to the Crusade's War Council meetings. Through meetings that continued there after between the Roses, Tarin of Gorasia, Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Master Djako Kaevh, an eventful agreement was struck.

RdR: Sagara:

Osmont proposed that there shall be a change of rules- we may get a town/area in Sagara for East Blackwood.  He would like for Lady Anna and Sir Dagger to come at the Convent after they have cleared some things to see how we could make it work