Mythodea / Realms of Roses


Diplomacy was, unfortunately, restricted to old alliances of Zackenberg and Zweiwasser and the newer contact of the Order of the Gray Souls.

Order of the Gray Souls

During a visit to the Realm of Roses camp, East Blackwood met with Mallo's new Order the Order of the Gray Souls.  The order requested East Blackwood's assistance in the fall with an excursion into the sighted new island off the East Coast of Mythodea.  Sir Dagger and Gideon agreed to assist provided resources were available for the mission come that time.  The Order also asked for Sir Dagger's assistance in a matter of justice concerning children and the criminal and or deserter parents.  Dagger suggested having the parents join the Freischäler and to adopt their children.  However, Sir Dagger also suggested they speak with Corporal Bodwar BeerHunter for he has an even better head for Justice.  The Order agreed to meet with them.  Shortly after, Sir Dagger sent Bodwar to speak with the Order on the matter.


Contact with Zackenberg was limited during the Convent of the Elements.  Zackenberg was invited to attend Blackwood Gamlbing and Games during thew week and one of their number attended winning the largest and highest stakes game of the evening.


East Blackwood met several times with both Zweiwasser and Gorasia during the Convent of the Elements at Bad Holzbrück.  There were several trade related discussions as well as general discussions about Knighthood and life in general. 


East Blackwood met with Schönweiler as well during the Convent to explain that they were still interested in working on matters of trade.  Although Schönweiler listened, there were none present who held the authority needed to make any decisions.