Mythodea / Realm of Roses


Realm of Roses Pact with the Black Dynasty

During the campaign to the Valley of Impermanence, it was discovered that the late Archon of Thorns, Vincent, along with the Nyame of the Roses and her Naches're signed a Non-aggression agreement with their mortal enemy, the Black Dynasty to prevent them from overrunning the realm. The Tulhien of Thorns, Ramirez of Sagara, learned about this pact near one year later during the above mentioned campaign. With a unique opertunity before him, Ramirez attempted to convince various nations of Mythodea to support his mission to exploit the remaining weeks of the contract for military gain.

During the campaign in the Valley of Impermanence, Baron Dagger of East Blackwood was the lord in charge of the Validar War Camp and thus it fell on him to make diplomatic decisions. When Ramirez approached Lord Dagger, Lord Dagger chose to support Ramirez in spite of counsel against it.

Following the departure of the delegation from the Realm of Roses, the Validar camp was visited by the Archon of the West to discuss the Realm of Roses pact.  After, Baron Dagger and Sir Maron of Zweiwasser treated with the Archon of the South in the Southern Seal camp to discuss the same topic.  Following that meeting, Baron Dagger and Sir Maron went to the camp of the Fortress of Diversity to speak with Kaela, the Storm of the Fortress on the subject. 

Once Dagger and Maron left that camp they were joined by Sir Bodvar "BeerHunter" Tock where the three discussed Validar's next course of action.  Bodvar counseled for keeping Validar's word in spite of the military repercussions it would cause while Maron counseled against it.  Baron Dagger, this time, went with Sir Maron's counsel and took Master Djako to speak with Regent Ramirez of the Realm of Roses. 

Dagger and Djako found Ramirez at the camp of Atteron accompanied by Dame Avalin of Sagara.  The four walked and talked on the way to the camp of Ad Astra.  There, Baron Dagger explained Validar's situation, his own haste to support the Realm of Roses, and to withdraw Validar's support.  Ramirez was understandably angered by this withdrawal of one's word and exclaimed as much.  "A man's word means nothing once it is broken."

Viscount Gavrill Varontova of Syconia

Baron Dagger promised to do whatever he could to regain that trust to which Ramirez said nothing and left.  Dagger and Djako returned to the camp of the Realm of Roses later that day to treat with Ramirez.  There, once again, Dagger apologize but quickly changed the subject to another matter. Vicount Gavrill Varontova has sent Baron Dagger a letter which included threats and a "gift" of severed fingers for Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau.  Dagger spoke of "someone's" plan to deal with the Viscount.  Have Anna agree to the marriage and claim that only a Knight of Blackwood could marry Lady Anna to the Viscount.  Being that there is only one Knight of Blackwood in Mythodea currently, Baron Dagger, this would require that the Viscount make the journey to Mythodea for the wedding. 

Dame Availine found the idea to be morally discussing but she could not argue the validity of it.  More counsel on the matter was later searched but the Realm was asked for assistance in the matter considering Sir Osmund had caused issues with the original plan.