Mythodea / Realm of Roses


Sir Osmund of Sagara kills Festival Goer with Guest Right

Among the invited guests in attendance at East Blackwood's Festival of Life in North Eastern Kahl'Hatra was Sir Omsund of Sagara, a ranking noble of the Realm of Roses. During the second day of the festival a small troupe of Syconian soldiers arrived from the far away Empire of Sycon. The soldiers were part of Viscount Gavriil Vorontova's house guard and claimed to be there to prepare the way for their leader, Sir Zardon Kosmakova.

Osmund, closely affiliated with Blackwood's Lady Anna, had several reasons to despise the Syconian's under Viscount Vorontova. Osmund reportage received a letter earlier at the Convent of the Elements from Vorontova. Osmund claimed that the letter contained a threat on his life. When the soldiers arrived, Osmund was visibly angered by their presence. However, the Validar village had its own leaders, East Blackwood.

While Baron Dagger of East Blackwood and Master Djako Kaevh were away from the village tending to a supply issue, Captain Varn of CrestGrath was in charge. As the soldiers themselves had done no harm, Varn offered them guest right at the village and Salty Stick Tavern. Osmund would later find and kill one of the Syconian soldiers, while they were under guest right. This presented a diplomatic and honor issue for Baron Dagger of East Blackwood who would later return to the village but not before the dead soldier's leader, Sir Zardon Kosmakova, arrived.

The body of the Syconian soldier was found by an Embassy Guard soldier and an investigation led by Lambert of the Order of Gray Souls of the Realms of Roses commenced. The investigation contradicted the story of Sir Osmund yet at the same time Sir Osmund admitted to the act and felt justified in the action. What was clear was that Sir Osmund broke Guest Right and many of the guests expected justice. The fact that the investigation found the dead soldier to have Brotherhood of the Crescent letters on him with orders to kill people at the festival, suggesting that the soldier had been a member, played no part in the outcome of the investigation as Sir Osmund could not have known prior to the murder.

Sometime after nightfall, Sir Zardon Kosmakova arrived with another Syconian soldier. Sir Zardon appeared to not be human, a vampire if he was to be believed. He did, however, claim that he was not undead. When Dagger finally did return to the village, he met with Lady Anna and Sir Osmund to talk about what happened to discuss a diplomatic solution that still maintained the honor of the host; in this case, Baron Dagger, Knight of Blackwood.

The general consensus was that Sir Osmund had broken Guest Right and should be punished harshly. Sir Osmund accepted whatever the decision of Dagger would be before a Sagaran witness. Féwaé Méllinar Vitèz the Master of Coin of the Münzquell approached Baron Dagger asking him to treat with Sir Zardon Kosmakova who had been patiently waiting for him within the Salty Stick Tavern. Baron Dagger sat down with Sir Zardon Kasmakova surrounded by dignitaries and knights including Archon Eurestus of the Southern Seal, Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau and Sir Osmund from Sagara.

Dagger agreed that Osmund had broken guest right and offered Sir Zardon Kasmakova the Right to Satisfaction but begged, on behalf of Lady Anna, that it not be to the death.  To the Second Blood.  With some further discussion, Sir Osmund agreed to the challenge as did Sir Zardon Kosmakova.  Osmund was given time to preapre and in less than an hour the duel commenced.  During a heavy exchange of blows, Sir Osmund yielded to Sir Zardon Kasmakova.

Zardon and his soldiers agreed that they had received Satisfaction. Baron Dagger of East Blackwood said promptly revoked their guest right and demanded they leave. The Syconians bowed and left. Sir Osmund's wounds were tended to immediately.