Mythodea / Realm of Roses


East Blackwood, as part of the Dragon Rose Banner, embarked on a mission into the Hohld and camped with the Realm of Roses. Due to limited resources and poor terrain, the East Blackwood Company offered to host a tavern for the soldiers and nobles. The drinks and food were provided by E.B.Co stores and by a shipment of supplies that Lady Sayeh brought into Mythodea in her ship the Jasmine. Supplies were, however, limited and private stocks were needed to maintain the tavern, “The Salty Stick,” deep into the final night of the campaign.

Having the tavern placed the East Blackwood Camp directly next to the Court of Roses and Thorns giving East Blackwood direct access to the nobles there. More often than not, the nobility and guests of the court spilled over into the East Blackwod camp for a drink and sometimes a bite to eat. The most honored of those regular guests was the Nyame of the Roses herself, Neom. East Blackwood sang songs with her and her entourage, fed and offered drink to them, gambled with her and them, told stories with her and them and conversed. During one said round of dice, the Nyame lost the round and now owes Mako Tok of the E.B.Co a favor.

East Blackwood supported the Margrave Balor the Red for Archon of Thorns during the trails that transpired there. During the second day of the trials, word reached the Dragon Rose Banner that the Master of Coin, Raul had dropped out of the running to become Archon and put his support and followers behind Count Vincent of Sagara. After this, the fate of the Archonat appeared to be sealed. The two parties with the best chance at overcoming Balor for the Seat of Power had joined forces. Sure enough, the Elements and the Land saw it best that Count Vincent be elevated and take up the Crown and Scepter of the Archon of Thorns. 

As the campaign wore down, Sir Dagger of Blackwood and Lady Sayeh of Sapphire Isle were called to an audience with the new Archon. Archon Vincent asked two main questions about the Embassy's past relations with the Emissar of Roses Fennik and the Master of Coin, Raul. After answering the questions and extending a hand in friendship, Archon Vincent accepted the Kingdom of Blackwood's offer no doubt influenced heavily by Corporal Bodwar “BeerHunter” and Lady Anna-Katharina von Rabenau's regular visits to the camp of Sagara and the relationships they cultivated there.