Mythodea / Realm of Roses


Realm of Roses

After a recent expedition to the land South of Westfjord, Corporal Bødwar returned with news of what he had experienced there. With this information, Sir Dagger of Blackwood traveled to Zweiwasser to speak with the Margrave Balor the Red to get his thoughts on the subject. While he was there, Tovak, a renowned scholar, arrived to deliver his accounts of what happened on that same expedition. The Margrave decided to gather a force from within the Realm of Roses and travel South to explore the region further. With that, Sir Dagger gathered who he could form among those available from East Blackwood and journeyed South with Zweiwasser and their allies. Sir Dagger agreed to allow their force to be under the command of Realm of Roses leaders during the expedition.


East Blackwood supported Zweiwasser with what fighting power they had directly while they supported the overall expedition with two effective knowledge seekers, Bødwar and Antares.  East Blackwood stood side by side with Zweiwasser, Zackenberg and the rest of the Realm of Roses force present as often as was able.  During this time there was an instance where Sir Dagger showed understanding to various Blutpackt warriors in their duels with the enemy which did not please Sir Brecius. Brecius found there to be no honor in such duels with being he considered not to be people. Instead he found the enemy to be nothing more than abominations against the Elements and thus dueling them was dangerous and irresponsible in a war zone.

During a battle the expeditionary forces lost, a member of Zweiwasser's Drachenguard, Rika, saved Sir Dagger of Blackwood's life while forsaken forces attempted to kill the wounded ambassador. Later on after Dagger had been tended to and was well on his way to recovery, he came across Margrave Balor speaking with Rika about her exploits thus far. To add to this, Sir Dagger praised her for saving his life earlier on in the day. This new knowledge seemed to please the Margrave.


Staunch allies of Zweiwasser, Zackenberg was also part of the expeditionary force and one of their number was the second-in-command for the Realm of Roses troops that were present, Nevjan. East Blackwood answered to him.

Toward the end of the last day of the expedition South beyond the ice wall, the Undead Flesh broke into the tunnels beneath the Abby. In response, General Abbu sent all available forces with the exclusion of Zweiwasser, into the tunnels but the tunnels were too narrow to fight effectively with those numbers. Meanwhile, the Skargen war-band who had had the Abby under siege for the past several days attacked the bridge over the moat. The Zweiwasser troops stationed there called for aid but none was sent Soon the Zweiwasser force, including some of East Blackwood, were overwhelmed and pushed back. Zweiwasser took heavy casualties before the excess of troops who had previously been in the tunnels made it back to the courtyard to combat the new threat.

The overall battle devolved into a bloody mess with the expeditionary force only just barely claiming victory. A heavily wounded Sir Varek was leading the Zwewasser force at that time and he became furious with the leadership of the expedition. He stated that they were responsible for Zweiwasser nearly dying in the fight as they either refused to aid and or managed their available forces too poorly to do so effectively. The Realm of Roses Leadership apologized for the "mistake" and said it would not happen again. Sir Dagger, also heavily injured in the fighting, pushed himself up to speak as a supporter of the Margrave, Balor the Red stating, "mistakes have been made which could have cost many lives yet a decision was made. It is better that a bad decision is made rather than no decision even if it was the wrong one. I trust that the events of today will be learned from and we can come together in the future to fight for common goals against the forsaken."