Mythodea / Party at Dagger's Point


Danemark:  A year ago Westly Black, Corporal Bodwar and Sir Dagger went to the Dagger Point to: let bygones-be-bygons, drink, spar, do a ritual, clean the forest of scumb, drink and gamble!  Now that we are half official friends, we would like to go back!

Party at Dagger's Point

Festival of Memories

"Over that FUCKING bridge again!"

21 - 23 October 2022

The Iron Daggers invite you to join them at their festival of memories! What can you expect?
- A jolly good time of course.
- A chance for you to tell your stories and reminisce on the past.
- Archery and log throwing.
- Sing songs and enjoy poetry. Is there something you would like to manage? It's a celebration and ideas and festivities are welcome! We can't house everyone, sadly. So bring your own tent and what you need to survive. We will supply the food, and there will be plenty, no one will go hungry from the table. Tickets can be found here: